Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"REBEL" Hair & Makeup + 150 Winners!!!

L'Oreal Paris and W Magazine teamed up to create the "Because I Am Worth It" competition. Myself and two beautiful beauty bloggers, Kandee Johnson & Pursebuzz re-create looks inspired by W Magazine using L'Oreal Paris cosmetics! My task was to create an easy Rebel look. Hope you like it!

 1. Pack on brown eyeshadow from lid to crease.

 2. Blend upwards, then smudge the same color to lower lash line. 

 3. Apply black eye liner

 4. Apply your favorite red lipstick!

 5. Of course, don't forget mascara like I almost did!

 6. Crimp your hair with a large barrel crimper. I found mine at Wal-Mart for under $30!

 7. Tease your hair all over

 8. Set with L'Oreal's Elnett hairspray!

I used the following L'Oreal Paris products:
- 24 Hour Infallible eyeshadow in "bottomless java"
- Lacquer Liner 24 hr Infallible in "blackest black"
- Voluminous smoldering eyeliner
- Infallible le rouge in "refined ruby"
- Voluminous false fiber lashes in "black lacquer" 
- Elnett Hairspray "unscented"

If my video gets the most votes, W magazine and L'Oreal Paris will donate $1000.00 to the charity of my choice - Invest In Youth of the YMCA! Also, 150 VOTERS will WIN a L'Oreal Paris goody bag!!! Please VOTE HERE by clicking my video before filling out the form. And please share the video below with your friends, family, and social networks with #iAmWorthIt !!!!


  1. Aww great look Judy!! Def have my vote. :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. Pretty Judy!!!!!!


  3. I voted for you! By the way, I love your daily vlog videos! :)

  4. I can't wait to meet baby Julianna! I voted for you! Goodluck!

    PS, I live in Seattle too!

  5. all your looks are great and even this is super great...)

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  9. I couldnt find it anywhere! What do i hv to do for this??? I clicked the link and i just couldnt find it. Even on their actual website. Hmmmm

  10. I dont know how to vote i click on the link and it takes me to w magazine fb???

  11. i dont know how to vote...

  12. gorgeous look!!

  13. Hello, I found a blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I'll stay on top of all the news!

    I hope my blog:

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  14. I love your hair and your make up :)
    Awesome post!

  15. VOTED!
    You are one of my favorites judy ☺
    I love most of your videos and you! ❤
    I hope I'd get a shoutout from you ☺
    Goodluck to this and the baby ☺❤☺

    Suzanne S Yap
    Davao, Philippines

  16. you're so pretty! i love your vlogs and i know my friend is obsessed with them which is how i found your blog and vlogs! :)

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  17. Hi Judy!

    This look is amazing!
    Gotta love the red lips!
    I love this tutorial because was quick, easy, and just FABULOUS!

    Bye :)

  18. i loved u look and off corse i vote for you!! visit muy blog is about hair and beaty

  19. Thanks for the tutorial. nice blog.

  20. i love u, you're so pretty! i voted! lol

  21. Judy, just voted - I hope you win. -

    Two sister's take on all things pretty.

  22. I love your eyes :)!
    Much love,

  23. I missed the voting :( but this look is pretty cool. I might try this. thank you! :)


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