Thursday, October 4, 2012

Whats in My Hospital Bag?!

Here is a complete list my doctor gave me! There were a few things I didn't care to pack, but I thought i'd share anyway in case you'd like to pack some of these items :) Doctor said my hospital will provide necessary items not listed!

Hospital Bag items:
- Health insurance card, photo ID, hospital registration form
- Lotion or oil for massage
- Lip balm
- Nightgown or nightshirt
-Bathrobe, slippers, socks
-Glasses, if you wear them
- Hard candy to keep mouth moist
- MP3 or CD player
- Camera
- Books, laptop to keep entertained
- 2 or 3 nursing bras and a dozen nursing pads
- sanitary pads
- few pairs of socks and underwear
- toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant
- Contact lens case and solution
- change for vending machine
- Receiving blanket and clothes for newborn to wear home
- Loose fitting clothes for you to wear home
-Infant car seat


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  2. Loved this video!

    I get so excited whenever you do a new one!
    Can't wait to meet your baby girl :)


  3. Thanks ladies, we're so excited!!

  4. My friend packed a bottle of champagne in her hospital bag to celebrate after she had the baby, just in case you wanted to have a little treat ;)

  5. I noticed you didnt bring pajamas for yourself. I suggest you do :-).

  6. you should bring a cute dress/hair band for her to wear for her hospital baby announcement shoot. a baby blanket or two, burping cloths, baby beanies, baby socks, baby mittens,socks for u too. if you're going to bring onesies for baby, bring the crop tops or so that way it doesn't get in the way of her belly button. its a very sensitive spot. good luck mama and have a easy and safe labor. =) congrats!

  7. That`s a helpfull list, Julianna is so close!! I just wanna see her already!!

    <3 Val

  8. which postpartum corset are u gonna use?

  9. awe so cute to see you pregnant still in this blogpost. Julianna is so beautiful! Love the daily vlogs.

  10. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  11. Aww, goodluck Judy! I am a follower from London...

    come and support me!

  12. You are so BEAUTIFUL! I love your videos. Do you mind if I ask you what camera you use for recording your videos?



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