Thursday, October 4, 2012

Whats in My Hospital Bag?!

Here is a complete list my doctor gave me! There were a few things I didn't care to pack, but I thought i'd share anyway in case you'd like to pack some of these items :) Doctor said my hospital will provide necessary items not listed!

Hospital Bag items:
- Health insurance card, photo ID, hospital registration form
- Lotion or oil for massage
- Lip balm
- Nightgown or nightshirt
-Bathrobe, slippers, socks
-Glasses, if you wear them
- Hard candy to keep mouth moist
- MP3 or CD player
- Camera
- Books, laptop to keep entertained
- 2 or 3 nursing bras and a dozen nursing pads
- sanitary pads
- few pairs of socks and underwear
- toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant
- Contact lens case and solution
- change for vending machine
- Receiving blanket and clothes for newborn to wear home
- Loose fitting clothes for you to wear home
-Infant car seat


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  2. Loved this video!

    I get so excited whenever you do a new one!
    Can't wait to meet your baby girl :)


  3. Thanks ladies, we're so excited!!

  4. My friend packed a bottle of champagne in her hospital bag to celebrate after she had the baby, just in case you wanted to have a little treat ;)

  5. I noticed you didnt bring pajamas for yourself. I suggest you do :-).

  6. you should bring a cute dress/hair band for her to wear for her hospital baby announcement shoot. a baby blanket or two, burping cloths, baby beanies, baby socks, baby mittens,socks for u too. if you're going to bring onesies for baby, bring the crop tops or so that way it doesn't get in the way of her belly button. its a very sensitive spot. good luck mama and have a easy and safe labor. =) congrats!

  7. That`s a helpfull list, Julianna is so close!! I just wanna see her already!!

    <3 Val

  8. which postpartum corset are u gonna use?

  9. awe so cute to see you pregnant still in this blogpost. Julianna is so beautiful! Love the daily vlogs.

  10. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  11. Aww, goodluck Judy! I am a follower from London...

    come and support me!

  12. You are so BEAUTIFUL! I love your videos. Do you mind if I ask you what camera you use for recording your videos?


  13. You can use travel friendly yoga bag too. They have various sizes, with many pockets. Easy to use and wash. You will get many pockets to keep your key, mobile and other stuffs.


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