Friday, September 21, 2012

35 Week Pregnancy Update

 How far Along?
I'm somewhere between 34 and 35 weeks! I like to go by my original due date: Oct. 25th, however when Julianna was measured in the 1st trimester they changed it to Nov. 1st. 

How big is Baby?
According to my Baby Bump app, she is 18 inches, 5.25 lbs, and the size of a honeydew melon.

How am I feeling?
I'm feeling great!!! I seem to have even more energy than the 1st and 2nd trimester :)

I've gained 27 lbs so far. A few weeks ago Doc said I was gaining wait too fast. Since then I've been more cautious with what i'm putting in my body, cutting out sweets :(

What do I miss?
Traveling! This summer hubby and I planned traveling around Europe and Asia. Oh well, somewhere in the near future we have another partner to travel with :D

I'm still getting charlie horse cramps in bed, but its easy to get rid of (simply stretching the toes upwards towards your ankles).  Other than that everything seems to be normal. I don't know if you'd consider this a symptom, but I finally got stretch marks on my lower abdomen! And I thought I was doing so good lathering all that preventative cream :/ Ohhhh well, as most Moms like to say "Warrior Lines". OH and belly button is actually popping out! so weird to have an "outtie". 

Sweets after lunch!!! Ugh I hate that feeling. A follower on twitter suggested I drink hot tea afterwards to prevent the sweet tooth. It kinda works... Well, i think it's all in my head!

Highlights of the week?
Baby's stroller JUST arrived today! So far we have her stroller, car seat, and pack and play! All we have left to buy (for big things) are furniture for her nursery. I already know what nursery set to get her, but we're just waiting for our house to be finished :)
And of course Julianna is more active than ever! We talk to her all the time :D 

 "Warrior Lines"


  1. Wow you look gorgeous Judy!! Even when being preggers. Can't wait to see baby Julianna! :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. It`s just amazing!!! she is going to be so beautifull!! we can`t wait to see her out the belly!!

    <3 Val

  3. Hey Judy!

    I suggest trying elastin 3 for stretch marks!

    This woman I found on Youtube wrote a small part about it saying her whole family who went through pregnany had stretch marks but she didnt!

    Her blog is

    and her youtube is


    and you look gorgeous btw!

  4. Wow! Baby Julianna is getting bigger! Still gorgeous as ever, Judy! ^__^

    Cheers from Manila! Mwuah! ^__^

  5. You are doing so well and you look great! When I was that far along I was miserable, huge and exhausted. All the best to you! I can't wait to see the little one :)


  6. By seeing Judy we can say that how happy women feel when they came to know that they were pregnant!!

    Pregnancy Symptoms week by week

  7. Hi, Judy
    what 's the name of the stroller?

    i really love, and it looks very easy to pull up. it's great when ur holding ur baby
    thank u

  8. Hi Judy,
    The pregnancy calendar is based of the lunar calendar cycle of 9 full moons (hense the 9 mos) rather than our Gregorian one of 40-42 weeks.It is still referenced although ancient.

  9. Wow I just found your channel on you tube and now just found your blog....Julianna is so So Cute! You and benji are amazing parent amazingly adorable little girl:)

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