Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow White Hair Tutorial - Drugstore

This makeup look is very similar to the Selena Gomez alter ego tutorial I posted up the other day. The only difference is the lip liner and blush color. 

- REVLON photo ready foundation in 008 Golden Beige
- REVLON photo ready powder in medium/deep
- ESTEE LAUDER bronze goddess bronzer
- MAC blush in breezy

- URBAN DECAY primer potion
- MAC soft brown eye shadow
- MAC cork eye shadow
- 3 pairs Model21 false lashes
- MAKEUP FOR EVER white eyeliner to water line
- LOREAL false lash fiber mascara
- WET N WILD brow palette

- SEPHORA red lip liner
- MAKEUP FOR EVER rouge lipstick 42

For her hair, it is so simple! You'll just need hot rollers, bobbi pins, and hair spray! Here is a step by step tutorial. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV winners!!!

Thank you everyone who participated in the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV giveaway! Hope you enjoyed my Purple Cat look :) Two weeks ago I had you comment in the video what your favorite Urban Decay product was. There were over 10,000 comments!

I randomly chose the winners with the help of And the winners are...

  Congratulations to the winners!! Please email me on for more information :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Selena Gomez Alter Ego Hair and Makeup Tutorial

From the first time I saw this video I was mesmerized by Selena's fun personality and sense of humor! Here I re-created her alter ego look after a quick run to the thrift store for a flannel button up and bandana (only costing me $5 total).

What I used need
- Urban Decay primer potion
- MAC cork and soft brown eye shadow
- 3 pairs of Model 21 false lashes 
- Wet n Wild brow palette 
- Maybelline stiletto eye liner
- Maybelline falsies mascara
- MAC auburn lip liner
- NYX alabama matte lipstick
- NYX brown liner
- MAC wonder woman lipgloss
- Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation 138??
- MAC shadester contour powder
- Neutrogena natural glow blush

- Hot rollers (you can use a curling iron)
- Bobbi pins
- Hair Tie
- Bandana

The hair was simple. I heated my hair with hot rollers. Don't know how? Here is a simple hair tutorial. After applying rollers, allow them to cool down for at least 15 minutes. Remove the rollers and start rolling about 4 sections of hair in the front, setting it in place with bobbi pins. Bring the rest of your hair up to a high ponytail. Wrap your ponytail into a loose bun (to allow volume) and pin in place. 

Once your hair and makeup is done, just accessorize with a button up flannel, hoop earrings, a bandana, and loose jeans!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mom's Easy Enchiladas!

What you'll need
- 3 tablespoon of EVOO
- 1 head of garlic
- half of one red onion
- 1 lb shredded chicken
- 1 can of tomato sauce
- 1 can enchilada sauce
- handful of olives
- 1 cup red and green bell peppers
- pinch of black pepper
- 3 eggs
- 1 cup mexican blend shredded cheese
- flour tortilla 

Since the enchiladas and hearty, try having it with a side salad instead of rice! Add a dollop of sour cream and avocados for extra deliciousness... NOM NOM NOM!!!!

Disclaimer: This isn't an authentic enchilada recipe. This is the EASY RECIPE!

Watch the video tutorial here! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bridal Makeup - Ryan and Claire's Wedding

Last month I was hired to do Claire's wedding makeup for her and her bridal party. Claire wanted soft smokey eyes with long, full lashes. Lucky for me, Claire has beautiful flawless skin so her makeup was easy to do! 

What I used...
- EMBRYOLISSE lait creme lotion
- RCMA foundation palette
- Model in a Bottle setting spray
- MALLY BEAUTY shimmer shape and glow
- MAC brule eyeshadow
- MAC soft brown eyeshadow
-MAC cork eyeshadow
-MODEL lashes T2
-MAC espresso eyeshadow
-MAC brown down eyeshadow
-URBAN DECAY Naked palette
- BOBBI BROWN caviar ink gel liner
- CLINIQUE lash power mascara
-EVE PEARL salmon concealer
- lip balm
- OCC memento liptar

I also did makeup on the bridesmaids and mother of the bride. I don't recall exactly what colors I used, but soft brown by MAC is a definite must have for bridal parties!

I had a blast with this wedding party. Everyone was so welcoming and sweet. I was so comfortable with the environment and it helped that Claire was far from bridezilla! Congratulations to the newly weds Ryan and Claire! Special thanks to © for the beautiful shots :) If you're in the NW and looking for an awesome photographer, you can find her at  or her facebook 

Easy Top Knot Hair Tutorial Inspired by Kourtney Kardashian

What you'll need
- 1 hair tie
- hair brush
- hair gel
- hair spray
- bobbi pins

Step 1: Bring your hair up to a high ponytail. On the last loop, only allow a small section through without pulling all the way (creating a small loop).

Step 2: Wrap the remaining hair around the base of your ponytail and bobbi pin in place

Step 3: Fan out your loop manipulate your hair shape. bobbi pin in place.

Step 4: Smooth out your hair with hair gel and secure your top knot with hair spray.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Back to Basics: Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are one of the easiest ways to curl your hair with little time and effort. I use conair jumbo hot rollers which I got from Walmart for about $30.00. It comes with 4 super jumbo (1 3/4 inches) and 8 jumbo (1 1/2 inches ) hot rollers, along with hair pins to set in place. 

I start off by plugging in the rollers and allowing it to heat up for about 10 minutes. I take the super jumbo size roller and use them at the top of my head. Its easier to wrap your hair starting in the middle rather than the end, that way you get a tight grip and prevents your hair from slipping out. I prefer curling away from the face. 

I used three of the super jumbo rollers at the top, and the rest of the jumbo rollers everywhere else. Watch the video below to see where I position the rollers. Once all are in, allow the rollers to cool down (the longer, the better!) I gave my hair 20 minutes before removing the rollers.

I run my fingers through my hair to loosen up the curls and finish off the look with Loreal paris Elnett hairspray. Elnett is perfect for soft curls cause it doesn't stiffen your hair or make it flake.

Here's the finished look!

REIGN Seattle Recap

Concert Produced by, Brian Franada:
- Twitter: @brianfranada
- FB:

Video Produced by, Sean Cannell:
- Twitter: @seancannell

Performances by:
Shannon Lei:
Michael Villanueva:

Mike Musni, Jargon, Tommy C:
Lil' Crazed:
Michelle Martinez:
Erin Paula:
Andrew Garcia:
D Pryde:
Kat Badar:
J Reyez:
Ricky Shucks:
Timothy DelaGhetto:

Massive Monkees:
Lions Ambition:
On Fire:
Rocky Sandoval:

Just Kidding Films:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Heatless Curls with Sponge Rods

Remember those pink sponge rollers your mom used on your when you were a kid? Those didn't go too well for me. The plastic clips always fell out during my sleep, leaving random odd shaped curls throughout my hair. Thankfully I discovered sponge rods! I've seen them at beauty stores and even drugstores. The ones I bought are 15mm Hot Tools. Eight dollars for 10 rods. They're a little thicker than the ones i've seen at my local walmart. 

 They're very simple to use. I applied a curling mousse to my clean damp hair before curling. I sectioned off my hair (as usual when curling) and took about 2 inch sections. Starting at my ends, I wrapped my hair around the middle of the rods and rolled it up. Secure the rod by folding in the ends.

It was surprisingly comfortable sleeping in the curlers. It didn't pull my hair while I moved, they were really flexible. After about 8 hours, the rollers were still in the same place.

To remove the rollers, simply unfold the rods and twirl them out rather than pull them out. Don't be alarmed when you end up looking like a curly sue. 

After gently running my fingers through my hair and some hair styling oil, here's how the final look turned out.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Drugstore Haul Sept. 2011

Last week my mom asked me to pick up her prescription at RiteAid and of course her prescription wasn't ready. What else to do but roam around and spend my money foolishly :/ So as I'm walking around I noticed Revlon was having a buy one get one half off deal, including a $4 up reward for spending $10! Here's what I bought from Revlon.

Photo Ready foundation in Medium Beige $13.99
Photo ready powder in Medium/Deep $13.50

I'm always on the look out for the perfect brow powder... and I think i've found it! Lately i've been using MAC's espresso eye shadow, but after watching Nymphette's video I was sold on Wet n Wild's brow powder. Its only a few bucks at the drugstore too, Score! I use the lighter brown shade with just flat angled brow brush.
Wet n Wild brow powder $2.99
This blush caught my attention. It must be the color combination, I love how neutral the colors are with a subtle glow. Although there was no discount deal, I figure it was worth trying and reviewing. 
Healthy skin custom glow $12.99
Lastly, I was at target to buy some BioSilk hair oil. The past few months i've been using argon oils and Moroccan oils, but none compares to my favorite BioSilk. Luckily I found the best deal of the hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner for only $25! 

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