Monday, October 10, 2011

Back to Basics: Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are one of the easiest ways to curl your hair with little time and effort. I use conair jumbo hot rollers which I got from Walmart for about $30.00. It comes with 4 super jumbo (1 3/4 inches) and 8 jumbo (1 1/2 inches ) hot rollers, along with hair pins to set in place. 

I start off by plugging in the rollers and allowing it to heat up for about 10 minutes. I take the super jumbo size roller and use them at the top of my head. Its easier to wrap your hair starting in the middle rather than the end, that way you get a tight grip and prevents your hair from slipping out. I prefer curling away from the face. 

I used three of the super jumbo rollers at the top, and the rest of the jumbo rollers everywhere else. Watch the video below to see where I position the rollers. Once all are in, allow the rollers to cool down (the longer, the better!) I gave my hair 20 minutes before removing the rollers.

I run my fingers through my hair to loosen up the curls and finish off the look with Loreal paris Elnett hairspray. Elnett is perfect for soft curls cause it doesn't stiffen your hair or make it flake.

Here's the finished look!


  1. Your hair looks so voluminous after using the hot rollers. Totally love your results! =]

  2. I love your tutorials!

  3. Ahhh love the look! Bouncy bouncy hair. ;)

  4. Looks lovely, so natural. Wish I found something like that hot rollers in Spain.

  5. You're hair is so nice! I wish my hair was that long and shiny!

  6. Hi judy , I love your channel and now just saw you have a blog! I use the same hot rollers love them!

    if you ever get a chance I invite you to check my blog!

  7. you are so good at these rollers. xoxo

  8. Oh, I'm so glad I watched your tutorial.
    Gonna try your tips with my hot rollers!
    Thanks for sharing, you're amazing!

  9. Your hair is gorgeous, so glad I found this post and your blog. My hair is super thick and I've been looking for something to speed up the process of giving it volume. Thank you!

    Visit and join my blog when you can. :)

  10. Beautiful hair! You should check out the Click n Curl at one of the hottest new products on the market!!!


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