Monday, October 3, 2011

Drugstore Haul Sept. 2011

Last week my mom asked me to pick up her prescription at RiteAid and of course her prescription wasn't ready. What else to do but roam around and spend my money foolishly :/ So as I'm walking around I noticed Revlon was having a buy one get one half off deal, including a $4 up reward for spending $10! Here's what I bought from Revlon.

Photo Ready foundation in Medium Beige $13.99
Photo ready powder in Medium/Deep $13.50

I'm always on the look out for the perfect brow powder... and I think i've found it! Lately i've been using MAC's espresso eye shadow, but after watching Nymphette's video I was sold on Wet n Wild's brow powder. Its only a few bucks at the drugstore too, Score! I use the lighter brown shade with just flat angled brow brush.
Wet n Wild brow powder $2.99
This blush caught my attention. It must be the color combination, I love how neutral the colors are with a subtle glow. Although there was no discount deal, I figure it was worth trying and reviewing. 
Healthy skin custom glow $12.99
Lastly, I was at target to buy some BioSilk hair oil. The past few months i've been using argon oils and Moroccan oils, but none compares to my favorite BioSilk. Luckily I found the best deal of the hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner for only $25! 


  1. Omg what a great deal on the Revlon products! Here in Toronto the Photo Ready products are about $17-20 :( And Wet N Wild has great brow products! The pencil I buy from them is less than $2 and I like it just as much as my $18 MAC brow pencil. Thanks for sharing Judy <3

  2. i agree...foolish spending! but what can we say? we women love our makeup. I do the same thing ;-)

  3. Everybody is foolish inside ;)
    Great shopping, the Revlon Photo Ready will be my next purchase :D

  4. Looks like you got some great products! =D

  5. All this talk about the Photo Ready foundation in the makeup blogging world makes me want to try it!

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