Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday- Best Julianna Moments

In today's Flashback Friday post, I wanted to share with you my favorite Julianna Moments from these past few weeks of vlogs! She never ceases to amaze me with her funny expressions, her sweet ways, her lovable gestures and intelligence. I included my favorites and yours that I found in the comments!

I'm not sure who was more excited for the little bear or Benji! 

If you guessed "B" on our vlog trivia on Facebook then you got it right!!
This girl can multi task like no other!! 

These guys are like two peas in a pod! Always having a great time playing with dad!
Diva in training... already carrying around her purse!
Isn't this the most adorable messy face? JB enjoying daddy's  gourmet mac n' cheese!

Too much fun playing "where's Julianna" before bed the night before.
Meeting Mickey for the first time. I love how gentle she was with sweet!
Up close and cute having lunch!
Daddy says that she looks like a minnie me, what do you guys think?
Babies first selfie!! ;D
She amazes me with all of the things she's knows.
This was Julianna bear pointing out all the maps! (16:53)

This girl can dance too!! Having our own dance party in the living room!
The one time I don't mind sharing a cookie is with this cutie bear.

It's nice to see that she likes Helping mommy! This day it was folding cloth diapers!
Catching JB giving me the cutest smile had me giggling so much!! =)

I just love the look of curiosity she had on her face when we found the blue jay's in the back yard!
Julianna and I love Daddy for making healthy green juice for us!
I just look at the way my mom gets excited when JB comes over to visit!! I think JB is just as excited!
She's so content and focused on coloring!

Witnessing baby's first time at the theater... she was a little nervous.
It seems like you guys like moments like this as much as I do. I can't wait to see her play with her sisters when they finally arrive!
I enjoy watching her light up over something so simple as a box with a cut out. 
We love having Auntie around, she thinks of the best toys! Thanks Auntie Melody!

Reading through the comments, a few of you used to do this too 

I hope you enjoyed this little recap of the past weeks vlogs featuring Julianna. She always brightens up our days and I wanted to share some of the most recent one's with you! Comment and tell me your favorite Julianna moment!

Have a Happy Friday!


  1. Such a precious family you got there. God bless <3

  2. I love the moments when Julianna wakes up in the morning with crazy hair and kisses her toys! I just love watching your vlogs. They make me smile everytime!

  3. Julianna's first reaction to snow was my favorite! Haha

  4. I love in the morning that she gives you hippo to kiss and everything else and when she's dancing

  5. My most favorite moment of Juliana is seeing her go to mommy's tummy and talk to her little sisters! So sweet and she will become a great big sister for sure!

  6. I loved this post! Julianna is so cute. Thank-you for letting us, see Julianna grow up. :)

  7. She's so precious and smart! Me and my two sisters watch the blog EVERY single day and it's honestly the highlight of our day! We're so excited for the twins and for your growing family! We catch up at the end of the day and laugh about all the funny things that ya'll do. We'd freak out if we got a shoutout! , I'm Qesa (Chessa), and my sisters are Donna, and Rrezarta from Albania! Have a wonderful day Judy! :)

  8. Julianna is so cute! Love watching, how she is growing up and from day to day is becoming cleverer ! Love You and your family. Kisses from Poland :*

  9. Hye judy I just love watching your vlog everyday. Seeing julianna and your family everyday just light me up. Seriously I could not get over the thought that julianna is one of the most smartest todler I have ever seen. She just knw how to make everyone around her happy with her little act. Too damn cute. I absolutely love the moment when she kisses you and benji. It just show how loveable she is. So precious. Can't wait for the twins to come, and see julianna pkay with her little sisters. My heart goes out to you and your family and I hope you have a smooth labor with the twins. Lots of love from Malaysia

  10. I learn a lot watching your vlogs. I just find your relationship with your husband beautiful and it inspire me to have that kind of relationship in the future. Now that there's Julianna, it is becoming a must to watch! Being able to spend most of your time with Julianna at a stage where she is copying and picking things up fast from the people around her is really crucial. You are so blessed!! -Erfa from Singapore!

  11. I honestly love watching you guys I've never missed a vlog in my life. I don't have just one favorite moment of Julianna because I believe that every moment of Julianna and the family together is so precious you just got to cherish them forever. This family is truly a blessing from god and it makes me happy to see a happy family like yours. Thank you Judy and Benji.

  12. I enjoyed every last highlight! I love the fact that Julianna knows that there are babies in your belly. Its so cute how she goes and kisses them. She will be a good big sister. I'm also excited to see more of Melody. You have to do a beauty/fashion video with her. I can tell she has good taste!

  13. I actually love all of it xp made me smile each and everyday xp

  14. Hi Judy..i live in INDIA n it's amazing how u catch up every little precious moments in daily life
    You really inspire me to live everyday to its best .nn Juliana is little angel ......n you are soo lucky to have benji to be your husband he is just awsome.....please give me a shout out on your daily volgs ...i LL definitely go cra crazy .......n one thing more you really inspire me to vlog which i LL definitely go on doing that in ma entire life
    Lots of love n good wishes
    Asmita sodhi

  15. Hi Judy ! OMG this little cutest face ever when she eats mac n' cheese !!! She's such a cutie bear !
    You have the chance to capture these precious moments, i think when i'll be prego and have my own kids, i will do daily vlogs also, just to keep memories of it ! God bless your sweet family and thks so much for sharing these amazing moments with us <3

  16. Aww so absolutely adorable! These vlogs are always my favorite because I feel like I'm a part of your family watching everyone grow and live their daily lives.


  17. everyone says that Judy is so lucky to have Benji, but I think Benji is also lucky to have Judy! Judy you are a great person sweet, cheerful, I would like to have a friend like you!I follow you for years, I'm happy to have seen the evolution of your life. There is a way to give you a gift?


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