Tuesday, December 28, 2010

JLovesMac on Self Confidence

PREACH it Girl!!


  1. great video!! this needs to be posted all over that site that bashes beauty gurus..smh. i've never met jarmaine, but meeting you a couple of months ago (in september, i'm the girl from nebraska and randomly saw you at your job lol) reminded me that no matter where you get in life, ALWAYS remain positive & humble yourself. we were complete strangers & yet you were still so nice to me, just laughing & talking.
    it may sound corny & it's a pretty simple comment..but thank you judy. thank you for just being you :)

  2. I watched this yesterday and loved it♥ I wish I saw this video in elementary and middle school :)


  3. GREAT VIDEO!! my how I wish I saw this back then. really just ace!

    I just followed you and hope you'd follow me too thanks


  4. Hi Judy! I've been reading your blog for a week now. I think I was on google looking for makeup tips originally...? Anyway, I am finally officially following you, yay! I love the self-confidence video! At first I thought wow, it's 9 minutes long! Will It be good the whole time? And, it was! It actually gets funnier and more entertaining as JLovesMac goes on. I totally agree with every word she said. And, I love your layout/subject matter and you're so helping me with my blog: aliyahstore.blogspot.com because I'm somewhat new to this! You gals look great :-) Happy New Year!


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