Tuesday, December 28, 2010

$5 E.L.F. Palette - Mermaid of the Deep Sea

I'm shooting for a look that can be worn on New Years Eve, without breaking the bank. What came to mind? The E.L.F $5 palette! Its so inexpensive, if you see it, get it! I bought mine at Target last month. I used all drugstore products for this look, except for my lipgloss. Sorry gals, I felt the NARS turkish delight was the cherry on top for the look. hehe. Anyhooo, enjoy!

What I used...
ELF gel eyeliner
ELF endless eyes pro mini eyeshadow palette 
ELF liquid eye liner
REVLON Matte "pink pout" lipstick
NARS "turkish delight" lipgloss
MAYBELLINE dream smooth mousse foundation in "pure beige"
NYX bronzer in "bronze ensemble"


  1. That looks great! I like the earrings!

  2. hey! what lashes are you wearing?

  3. This look is lovely! Your eyes look fab! xo

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. it also reminds me of peacock :-))

    i also ordered the ELF endless eyes pro mini eyeshadow palette & some more items.. did it on the 4th of this month, still waiting for my box :-( ...


  6. Love this look so much! And I especially love the price of all the products lol.

  7. Hi Judy, My fifteen year old daughter and I turned on the laptop, and there you were! We enjoyed watching you apply your makeup and feel that we can probably learn a few things.

    Hopefully the content of the rest of your blog is appropriate for my daughter so that we can come back and visit again!

  8. hey Judy :) i love all of your looks!
    i just had a question: did you ever order online from ELF's website? i'm having a bit of trouble with the shipping of my order and i was just wondering if you ever had the same issue before. let me know thanks!

  9. what did you use to spray your eyeshadow brush to make the green pop?


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