Monday, November 22, 2010

Date Night! Winery & Harry Potter

I love date nights, it keeps our relationship fun and fresh :D Tonight's date night Benji found an awesome deal from travelzoo to a local Winery called Covington Cellars. It was a package for 2, only $40 which normally cost $100! What a steal! Our experience was great. The Covington Cellars team were so sweet. We really felt welcomed. We hit up Harry Potter afterward at a nearby theater. What a perfect date night!

This machine processes the grapes

The barrels smell sweet :)

This machine bottled the wine

We learned a lot about the process of wine making

During the tour of the winery, we were able to sample 
wines in the making

The wine were paired with tasting plates. YUMM!!!

Heres a photo of Morgan describing each wine.

My pick, the Rose

Lola found her new BFF. Waiting for Benji to throw the ball!

Waiting in line built up an appetite. Sushi from a nearby restaurant:)

Is this making you hungry? 
Cause Is making me!


  1. 1st comment YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH! hehe love your videos!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh you 2 look so great together!!!
    How often you do your date nights?
    i'm looking for help!!

  3. Aww so fun :)
    Did you like Harry Potter!

  4. sooo... cute......... what's your verdict about the film??...


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