Monday, November 22, 2010

Bad Girls Club's Lea inspired makeup

Oxygen's Bad Girls Club is my favorite reality show! Its filled with so much drama, basically a train wreck you can't look away! Lea takes the crown for being the "Baddest" girl in the house. She doesn't let anyone get in her way, and is always looking for trouble. The show wouldn't be the same without her. I'm looking forward to the second part of the reunion which airs tomorrow on Oxygen :)

Here is a video screen shot I found of Lea 

 Attempt at looking "bad"

This is an 88 palette I got on ebay from celia makeup last year

This is a great rep lip combo!
What I used…

URBAN DECAY primer potion
88 shimmer palette
NYX super skinny eye marker
ELF black cream eye liner

BEAUTIQUE auburn lip liner
MAC ruby woo lipstick
MAC fanplastico laquer (unfortunately discontinued)

MAYBELLINE dream smooth mousse in natural buff
PHYSICIANS FORMULA Bronze Booster in medium/dark


  1. OMGoodness I thought I was the only person that still liked Bad Girls Club...this is the worst season I think. These girls are craaazy..and I love it! But your look of Leah is spot on..cute and bad a** at the same time! hahahaha I cannot wait for the rest of the reunion!!!

  2. I Love it Judy! I guess the ruby red lips are key huh?

  3. this looks heaps good!! great makeup tutorial judy! love it. was planning to go out next week with red lips, now i have a tute to watch/get inspired <3 !! thanks xx

  4. That looks look good with the blonde streaks! lol

  5. I really don't like Lea, Kristen is my fave she doesn't run around saying how dangerous she is and trying to be the loudest to prove how "tough" she is like Lea. Kristen is smarter than she looks and controlled the house in other ways. Lea was just a hypocrite.

  6. Hi I'm a new italian fans! ^^ Please see my little blog, kiss.

  7. bonjour ,

    Hi I am french and I look your blog every day. and it is just perfect!
    your tutorials are fabulous and you are Soo beautiful! this is the first time i write a message , just congatulations for you work! ( sorry for my bad english..)

    Tu est magnifique
    Bravo pour tout ton travail

  8. what did you use for the blonde highlights?


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