Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hair Lotion for a Sleek Ponytail

On bad hair days, I like to pull my hair back into a ponytail. My only struggle was keeping my hair tamed and sleek without it looking too crunchy or greasy. Thankfully, I found a product that works for me. I got the HerCut Ponytail Styling Lotion at Sephora after I saw it featured in a beauty magazine. Definitely worth the $22. 
This photo was taken about 4 hours after using the hair lotion. There are a few fly aways, but the hair is still tamed.

5 oz bottle for $22, not bad considering you just need a dime size amount

I wouldn't say it prevents flyaways, but definitely helps control flyaways.


  1. You have such beautiful hair!!
    Just like the Kardashian sisters


  2. what an awesome idea...to come out with a product like that. thanks for sharing!

  3. A large range of hair lotion products available in the market and them each treat different problems. Many women and men have dry, unmanageable hair which needs plenty of moisture added to it. Applying best product can help to calm hair, smooth it out and detangle. So always use best hair lotion.


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