Thursday, October 27, 2011

Selena Gomez Alter Ego Hair and Makeup Tutorial

From the first time I saw this video I was mesmerized by Selena's fun personality and sense of humor! Here I re-created her alter ego look after a quick run to the thrift store for a flannel button up and bandana (only costing me $5 total).

What I used need
- Urban Decay primer potion
- MAC cork and soft brown eye shadow
- 3 pairs of Model 21 false lashes 
- Wet n Wild brow palette 
- Maybelline stiletto eye liner
- Maybelline falsies mascara
- MAC auburn lip liner
- NYX alabama matte lipstick
- NYX brown liner
- MAC wonder woman lipgloss
- Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation 138??
- MAC shadester contour powder
- Neutrogena natural glow blush

- Hot rollers (you can use a curling iron)
- Bobbi pins
- Hair Tie
- Bandana

The hair was simple. I heated my hair with hot rollers. Don't know how? Here is a simple hair tutorial. After applying rollers, allow them to cool down for at least 15 minutes. Remove the rollers and start rolling about 4 sections of hair in the front, setting it in place with bobbi pins. Bring the rest of your hair up to a high ponytail. Wrap your ponytail into a loose bun (to allow volume) and pin in place. 

Once your hair and makeup is done, just accessorize with a button up flannel, hoop earrings, a bandana, and loose jeans!


  1. That is hilarious! But on a serious note, you did an excellent job. Maybe I should try this and be a chola for halloween? haha That's awesome.

  2. i really like this look!!! judy the video is "private" can you fix that? thanks :)

  3. that is fun! you both are beautiful with lovely personalities

  4. JUDY!! This is amazeballs!!! hahaha

  5. I love this! you really copied the selena gomez look very well

  6. you really copied the selena gomez look very well. online makeup class

  7. They have a blazer in h&m that looks the image of that. I'm sure nowhere near as nice as yours but the h&m one is fab with a great cut to it. I had to get it and you're right, it's great for day to artists

  8. i really this look and you both looks so beautiful and you are deserve for life style. designer bag holder

  9. I love the colors and the pieces you put together! budget fashion

  10. here is another tutorial (:

  11. I'm waiting for you to do these kinds of videos again <3
    Love you and your family XOXO Best wishes for your delivery ;)

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