Friday, May 6, 2011

Messy Ponytail inspired by Jennifer Lopez

Try this simple and easy party hair yourself! 
This is a quick messy ponytail hair tutorial inspired by Jennifer Lopez.
Step 1. Part your hair down the middle
Step 2. Bring your hair up to a high ponytail
Step 3. Spray working spray to sections of your hair
Step 4. Tease section by section
Step 5. Set your tease with a strong hold hairspray
Step 6. Polish your bangs with a round brush and blow dryer

What I used...
-teasing comb
-Bumble and Bumble styling spray
-Professional Natures Therapy freezing hairspray
-Aquage beyond shine
- Round hair brush
-hair dryer


  1. cute

  2. love it! <3
    I never knew about working spray before until I saw your vid! :P
    Thanks so much! :3

  3. Hi Judy!! I love your blog and I think it's very interesting for girls who love be pretty (like me) I'm from Spain and I don't remember how I thought your blog but now I'm addicted of it. You help me to improve my english and I need it because next year I'm going to US for study and you help me to do it, thank you for all your help. =)

  4. your blog it´s fantastic i love it
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  5. oh I love this ponytail! it looks even better on you :)

  6. hi judy! i love this hairstyle on you! :) i felt bad that i missed the meet up that you had here in the Philippines. I got to know about that super late. :( I hope you'll be back again soon.

    i'm your new follower. :)

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