Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miami Meet and Greet Photo Album

A few weeks ago Benji and I were in Miami for Crocs. We wanted to make the best of our time there and schedule a meet and greet.
We asked the locals for some good eats, their recommendation was David's Cafe.

Celebrity wall of visitors

With Lynne and Vilay

with Yurie and Lydia

with Ana and Maria

sharing fun stories!

with Jodi and Lisa


  1. Oh wow, those girls are super tall lol. Looks like super fun Judy! I've met you before and you are honestly the sweetest. I wanna meet you again at imats :)

  2. i love david's cafe! my family in miami own the restaurant!

  3. Judy, you need to come to Toronto so I can meet you. Awesome pics!

  4. Was on your picture on the celebrity wall? ;)

    Looks like a good turnout!

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