Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Makeup / Hair Station

I know, its a HOT MESS!!! No matter how often I try to make it look "prettier" and more organized, it goes back to its hot mess self within a few weeks. This is the real deal people!! This is where I go to everyday to pretty myself up :D Huge thanks to Benji for sharing his office ;)

Click on the links Below for the organizing tools mentioned in this video:

-Sterilite 7 drawer cart (set of 2)

-Sterilite 6.2 quart modular latch box (set of 6)

-Zadro Lighted Oval Dimmable TableTop Makeup Vanity Mirror, Chrome (OVLV68) *** Recently Lowered Price!

-Lithonia Lighting 4 Ft. 1-Light 32-Watt T8 Fluorescent Standard Strip Light Fixture
similar to my lighting

-DIY Earring Holder vid

-BILLY Wall shelf


  1. Really nice set up! The earrings holder is very creative and nice!


  2. You should really do a perfume collection video. :]

  3. watch the video.. Benji is such sweet heart!

    I know I'm shameless..
    also on YT

  4. I watched your video last night! Love your setup! I am always looking for new ideas on how to organize!

    My daughter and I watched your vid last night and were almost peeing our pants when we saw the Creeper part!

  5. Lol @ Benji,

    That's not grandma-ish sweety that's vintage LOL

    Great Video :)

  6. Ah I wish I had a room where I could have a set up like this !!

    JUDY ! I love reading your blog and watching your videos ... There for I have awarded you the "Stylish Blogger" Award :]

    I hope you can jump over to my blog and check it out and make a post about your award :] hee hee Not sure if someone has already given you one bu i hope you like it !!

    Aloha and Have a wonderful day !!



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