Thursday, September 2, 2010

For all my Oily Skin to Acne Prone Skin Ladies!!!!

Check out this helpful video from my friend Lannet. She recommends some great skin care products for those who are acne prone. Best part, most products are drugstore!


What you should look for in a skin care product:
1. Non-Comedogenic
2. Oil-Free
3. Won't clog pores


  1. my friends and I watch all your videos =) just wanted to say how amazing you are!

    some of us have asian eyes/monolids dont have the opportunity to put on pretty eye makeup

    can we request a tutorial for people with monolids? where you could just show us some techniques, or what not to do...

    Thanks so much, judy, we love you!!

  2. this video is so helpful! THANKS JUDY! :)

  3. Thanks so much Judy for this video! I've been reading around for the most effective skin care tips. I've got oily skin which causes problematic blemishes. Aside from getting some tips, just last month I went to my dermatologist. West Palm Beach is quite a popular city for cosmetics and all that stuff.

    Again, helpful tips here, Judy!

  4. Hi Judy! Just started up my blog again. hopefully i'll stick with it ;) please let all your blog followers know i have a blog now ;) take care and see you soon! >Lannet


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