Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Night Market at Richmond, Canada

All i've been hearing about from my cousins in Vancouver is how great the night market is. The night market is sort of like a flea market with lots of food. They've got affordable accessories, clothing, gadgets, toys, and more!

So Benji, my cousins, and I went on a Saturday evening around 11 o'clock. Luckily the night market didn't close until 1! Here are a few photos at the market.

All the food looked so delicious!!! Before the night market we just got out of a friend's BBQ, so my appetite wasn't as big. If you plan on going, go on an empty stomach. I know I will next time :)


  1. Oooh. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the night not too far from it...i go all the time!!!

  2. gasp! i live in richmond! :O
    i havent even gone to the night market yet though ):

  3. Oh my gosh, eyelashes galore!

  4. Didn't you have a video up about like "a day in the life of judy"? Because I started watching it but then it closed out and I tried to watch it today and its not there

  5. Yay for Night Market!! Wow you do go to Canada a lot!! =D
    Yuummm to takoyaki and corn!! =D tako = literally means octopus in japanese.. and yaki = fried/grill hehehe...


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