Sunday, August 8, 2010

Homecoming Black and Gold

Hey ladies! Try this sultry look for a night out in the town, or for homecoming! This look would match perfect with a gold and black dress, or just a simple black dress.  

In case you're wondering, I got my headband from Forever 21!

What I used...

Urban Decay primer potion
MAC "ground works" paint pot
88 Ultra shimmer palette
MAC "cork" eye shadow
NYX super skinny marker 

Beautique "natural" lip liner
MAC "synched up " 3d lip glass

MAC studio fix fluid NC42
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess "amber bronze" soft duo bronzer
MAC "sunbasque" blush


  1. Judy thats such a pretty look!

  2. Its so cutee!
    You're adorable! Check out my blog,I have a look similar to that!
    Love ya!

  3. Love the look Judy!
    The hair, the headband, the eyes, the lips & the top work together so well =)
    I am off to watch the video!

  4. oooOOooOOoOooo lovin the look!!!
    I'm a new follower!!!~

    Take a Peek at my blog!

  5. did you do something with your brows they look gorgeous! the look is amazing but i'm more interested in the head band:) can you pot a more detailed pic of it please? :)

    Smiles and hugs


  6. Hey Judy!
    I had to post a comment on your blog ! You may have hundreds of them but I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your vids ! Mostly hair tutorials !
    They look so easy to make and the final looks are always amazing and seem really professional ! The fake fringe is so great ^^ and "the back to school looks" too ! Everyday I try a new one. Before I never knew wich hairstyle I could do and now I just have to choose one of your ideas ^^ !
    It may seem a little extreme but it really helped ! So thank you very much and keep on sharing your ideas please !!
    Sorry about my bad english (there things you might not understand.. but I am french so...) If you understand french.. Merci beaucoup ! Tes tutos sont géniaux autant ceux de coiffure que de maquillage . Les coiffures sont toujours très réussies et en plus faciles à faire et avec très peu "d'outils"! J'adore vraiment alors j'espère que tu nous en montrera d'autres !
    Bonne continuation et encore une fois merci ;) xxx


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