Friday, July 16, 2010


with Mic the Scallywag! When i have kids, i'm hiring THIS GUY as the entertainer!

 Julie is a celebrity!!! She was the best weekend roomie anyone can ask for! 
Thanks Julie for the fun times!

omg its Shrinkle!!! Owner and creator of Sugar Pill Cosmetics

Kandee and her gingerale!! she truly is sweet in person as she is in her vids!

Xteeener!!!!! She's super sweet and more Gorgeous in person too!

YAY! its Iris aka Ilovegerardo! She has the BEST hair tutorials :D

with Elessa from Pursebuzz :D

The TRUE beauty guru, KOREN!!! Love this guy with his fun, upbeat personality! 

 with Vicki!! Met her at last year's IMATS and she's a complete sweetheart!!

with Charles Porlier, makeup artist for the cast of Twilight Eclipse

Lauren aka Queen of Blending!!!!! This girl is a hoot!!! Wish we had more time to hang out :(

Topping this wonderful trip with Kareoke with some of the hottest youtube gals! 

Oh, and it was an honor to meet these hot studs!!!
David Choi, Steve Terada , and Ryan aka NigaHiga

My favorite part of my IMATS experience was meeting all my viewers!!!
Here are a few photos that were sent!
Agnes, Irene, and Michelle



with Jennifer and friends!




Check out my entire IMATS experience!

 Part I

Part II

Part III

My Haul


  1. Seem like you had lots of fun =]

  2. You look like you had fun! =)

    It was great meeting you, Judy! I hope to see you again next year!

  3. Seem like you had a lot of fun at IMATS :) and for that Im happy

    Its so amazing to see pictures of all my fav gurus together :)

    You are such a sweetheart hun :)

    take care
    //Anna from Finland

  4. Loved your pics! Check out mine from IMATS.

  5. I saw you at IMATS too! haha.. we actually took a picture, but my friend has it and has yet to upload it anywhere. Hope to see you again next year!

  6. lucky you, looks like alot of fun!


  7. what is Angela's youtube channel or website on your picture? I think that might be the same Angela I used to have dance classes with. I haven't seen her since I moved away from California...I live in New York now and I'd love to get back in touch with her again since I lost my old phone and the contacts in it.

  8. Judy!
    It was so nice to meet you!! You're such a sweetheart!


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