Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Day in Vancouver, Canada

I joined Benji, his sister, and mom to a day trip to Vancouver Canada. We were eager to see the famous Stanley park! But before that, we had to fuel up with some food...

 MmMMMmm, none better than some authentic Ramen!
 Spicy Miso soup Ramen

organic soft boiled egg

Across the street we rented bikes at the bayshore bike rental. The prices were pretty good. Only about $12 for two hours. 

Heres a photo of Benji's mom and sister.

Beautiful shot of Van city, and look! A Chevron gas station for boats!

Down the street on Robson we found a bubble tea joint.

I got the mango green tea with boba :) Refreshing!

  We walked further downtown and came across a beautiful view of the water and city. They had lounge chairs too :)

The Olympic Cauldron was still up

Of course, we made a quick stop to China Town's New Town bakery for my favorite shiopao! 
One dozen of pork asado!

We finished off the evening with appetizers and drinks at the modern and trendy
Hapa Izakaya restaurant on Robson. I don't recall all the names of the dishes, but I admired the presentation and had to share!

Ebi Mayo deep fried prawns
Koroke. basically deep fried mashed potatoes
deep fried gyoza and egg plant

hot stone bowl with rice, fish, and seaweed


  1. AWESOME! You visited my home town. I am here in vancouver! Hope you enjoyed your stay. beautiful pictures!

  2. where are you from?

  3. I love bobas! Not a lot of people know about them which is crazy because they're delicious! I love watching you Judy!

  4. uuuuuu I LOVE BOBA!

  5. Ooh, Van-city. That's where I am...and you did all the things that us locals do, including New Town! Haha, gotta love those buns. Hope you enjoyed yourself :)

  6. Gorgeous! I fell in love with Vancouver after watching the winter olympics. I would love to visit one day. Thanks for sharing your pics!


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