Sunday, January 17, 2010


Benji and I just got back from a mini vacay in Hawaii. Only 5 days... FIVE DAYS!! Thats too mini :( However, we made the best of it! We're blessed to have such great friends, Gary and Tiffany, to let us stay at their home and even use their car. Oh my, can you imagine the amount of money we saved?? I bet hotels in Hawaii costs an arm and a leg! btw, I had no idea we were going to Hawaii. Benji's such a sweetie bear!!

Anyhoo, I thought i'd share my first Hawaiian experience with you :)

Believe it or not, our friends have pet turtles! No, not the teeny tiny ones in those little glass cases, but huge, zoo lookin turtles! This guy loves veggies and fruits.

Benji actually struggled holding him. He's all "Hurry babe!!"

Gary took us to his favorite restaurant in Waikiki, , You cook your own food!  Benji had steak and fish while I went with teriyaki chicken. And who knew grilled pineapple would taste so yummy! Oh, and heres benji catchin a wave ;)

This pic was taken outside our room. You can see the little turtle villa below! Btw, thanks for the lei Tiffany and Gary!

Here are a few photos at Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately the Arizona memorial was closed down due to renovation. Can't believe the ship is still down there with the whole crew :(
In the last pic, the stones each represent the submarines that were attacked or vanished during the war.

Here we are at the Dole Platation! Theres Benji attempting to "borrow" a pineapple. lol. For some odd reason, I never knew pineapples grew like this!! how odd. There was also a koi pond where you get to feed the fish. But the best part of the Dole plantation was the DOLE WHIP!! It is what it sounds like. Whipped pineapple :D I wish I could have brought this back home!

Here's Benji strutin his stuff at Turtle beach! The turtles come up on shore to sun bathe. We saw a turtle on its way but it just took forever!! so we left. lol

Matsumoto's shaved ice! Claims to be the best shaved ice on the island! Theres no comparasion to a snow cone ppl! Look, Benji's favorite actor Tom Hanks visited Matsumoto's too!


We had to experience a luau during our trip. Paradise cove seemed to be a popular one. There were many fun traditional activities. I learned how to make the flower headbands. Did you know flowers on the left side means you're taken and right means single?? The traditional dances were breathtaking!  The last picture was towards the end of the night. We used all our beverage coupons. lol

On our way to the North Shore. These photos were taken in from the car. So beautiful!


At the beach. This is where I filmed my youtube vid for a meetup.
btw, Benji almost stepped on this woman's castle!!!

At Jimmy Buffett. That Nacho volcano was a hit that night! Every table had this dish!!!! Check out the background. you would have never known this was indoors with no windows! The band rocked too.

At the Macadamia nut farm! So awesome, even Obama loved it!! lol. The whole place felt soothing and relaxing. We got to crack nuts and sample all kinds of foods! Nuts, coffee, popcorn, chocolates. yummmmm.

Benji goofing around.  I love the last pic!

Giovanni's shrimp truck. It was good, but not as good as I expected.

Met up with the coolest Hawaiian locals!!! Thank you Maryrose, Danielle, and Adrianna for your hot spot recommendations!  We met up at Macky's shrimp truck and had a wonderful lunch. OMG the coconut shrimp was the bomb diggity!!!!

Heres a pic of Benji and I after he went boogie boarding. He said his nipples were raw afterwards. lol

Our last spot was at Zippys!! A local fast food hot spot that all Hawaiians recommended!! Benji had the Korean chicken and I had the spaghetti. Gary had some kind of yummy whatchamacallit. It was a great place to eat for our last night in Hawaii.

 Thanks to Gary and Tiffany and all the locals, Benji and I had a memorable time in Hawaii. The people, the food, and the beaches... I know one day i'll be living there. Okay, i'm off to cry now.



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here in Hawai'i Judy! I'm just sad I never got to meet up with you. With work and school going on it was just way too much. Hopefully you'll be back soon so I can meet you!! (:


  2. Wow it looks incredible there haha your last comment was funny. Hope you do get to live there one day, you and Benji. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. wowie! You were here! I mean where I live haha, glad you enjoyed it and yes you hit all the right spots in Hawaii :) Too bad I didn't get to meet you :( there's always next time!

  4. wow look slike u guys have so much fun!
    and all the food
    the beach
    im so jealouss

  5. wow seems like you had a wonderful time :D
    hawaii is my dreaaaammmm..
    do you know the film "pearl harbour" with ben affleck etc?
    love it !!!

  6. seems like you had a great time :D

  7. wow, I want to visit Hawaii someday! lol. I'm glad you had a blast =D

  8. amazing pictures! wow, i'm glad u had wonderful time! :)

  9. Very incredible pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time even though the trip was short.

  10. Lei is spelled LEI, you just thanked your friends for what sounded like a threesome LOL It made me laugh :) Beautiful pics!

  11. Yes, I did have an awesome time!!! If you guys haven't visited Hawaii yet, you must! Ohh and i'll correct my lei spelling ;)

  12. Looks so much FUN!!!
    Now, I want to go in Hawaii very soon.

  13. It would've been so great to meet you while you were here in Hawaii! Glad you enjoyed your visit! You had great tour guides, too! They took you to all the right places!


  14. It looks so beautiful there!! I'm happy you had a good time! I didn't know that pinapples grew like that either. lol

  15. ur gorgeouss!

    looks like u had a lot of fun in hawaii.. out of curiosity is that restaurant in waikiki where you cook ur own food the shorebird inside the outrigger reef hotel? i used to work there as a hostess drove me crazy smelling all the yumminess!

    sorry for being all up in ur business lol.. lovely blog u have here=)


  16. Awesome pictures! That's nice you and your bf can go on vacations like that!

  17. Your boyfriend's martial art photo made me laugh so hard! I'm glad you had a great time in Hawaii. I'm trying to convince my husband to move there, but he's not having it! LOL!

  18. this is soo cute! glad you had a blast! the dole plantation is aweeesomeee! i grew up in LA and went to disneyland for their dole whip. you can only find dole whip in hawaii and dland! :)

  19. Oh my heck i cant believe i missed you! i have been staying on Oahu for the last 3 weeks, i went to pearl harbor, the dole plantation, the north shore, and waikiki like a week ago! i missed you by a week! :( well im glad you had fun though! Hawaii is great huh? ^_^

  20. bahahaha! so funny when you said you couldnt wait for the turtles to get to the shore cause it toook forever lol

  21. Hey :)
    Wow, it seems like you had a wonderful time there :)
    I wish I could go to Hawaii too, I would love to see Kilauea :)
    And lots of other things :)

    take care hun
    Hugs from Anna in Finland

  22. Hawaii's the besttt! Whenever I'm stressed I always think about my vacation there. Btw, you can find dole whip at Disneyland :)

  23. WOW, at least you came to Zippy's. On Obama's last visit, he totally skipped Zippy's. The next time you're here hit me up! BTW the "whatchmacallit" is called a Loco Moco.

  24. I love vacation pictures! You guys had so much fun! The turtle's so cool. I would be a little scared to feed it cause I know it can probably chomp my fingers off. It'll be cool to have friends who live in Hawaii. They can take you to all the amazing places, away from expensive tourist places. And I learned something new today bout wearing the flowers differently depending on status :)

  25. the thing that benji had to eat is called loco moco, its sooo goood! its really easy to make at home, you should try it, theres recipes online just search it up on google!

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  29. Judy,
    What hotel did you guys stay at? a friend wants to visit Hawaii and has little ones too. seems perfect for a little family.


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