Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Thanks to You!

Enter your comment here. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. im thankful for you..
    because ur tutorial teach me how to makeup propely...i like ur makeup so so much..thanks babe..;)

  2. this is totally cliche but there is nothing else in this world that i am thankful for more than my family and my bf and my friends, without them in my life, i would have nothing to live for. i would be nothing without them and they have been my inspiration and my strength throughout all the hard times that i've gone through. i love you all :)

  3. omg i am so retarded... i am going to copy and paste my comment to the youtube link... :| HAHA forgive me :P its 1am haha

  4. I'm thankful for my family and friends <3

  5. happy thanksgiving! I left a comment on your youtube page/video and subscribed, but i haven't subscribed to anyone else! i'm more of a blogger, don't have any videos up :(

    anyways, just in case, my youtube username is:

    and my blog name is:


  6. Hi! I´m Atlanta from Spain. Please, can you do a tutorial of the make up you wear in the video "Flat Iron Holiday Gift Bundle"?. I love it!! it´s the perfect smokey black eyes that i have never seen!
    AH! And the glasses look like so cute in you!!

    Please, please, please do the tutorial! :( haha

    I follow you every day! U r amazing!! Kisses from Spain!!

  7. Hey can you make a video where you show how to get to the Brittany Murphy hairstyle? As she has on this picture,

  8. Hey Judy! First: you're amazing-love, love, love your videos :)! I have a very very important request for a hair tutorial! I love Taylor Swift's hair at the Grammys 09 It's so classy-bohemian but I just can't figure out how to pin it and noeone gets it right! Please help :( want this hair so bad! thx, vera


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