Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Senna Cosmetics: The Envelope

I got the Senna Cosmetics Brights Envelope from the I.M.A.T.S. in Pasadena. The first thing that intrigued me of this palette was that it was different from the other pallets out there. Not only did it include eye shadows, there are also six blushes and two face powders! YOWZAAA!!!

So I walked up to their booth and the Senna Cosmetics representative was sweet and welcoming. I was astonished by the price she told me... $50! What a steal! The lady said the Envelope is a $405 value, and the price at the store is $100. So I just had to get this!! The bronzer on the brights envelope sold me! Check it out!
The two lighter colors can be used as highlighters as well.

There are a few features about the palette that I adore. First off, there is a mirror that is just about the size for the palette, humongo! And guess what, the palette has magnetized refillable slots! I can even put my MAC eyeshadows in here if I wanted. The palette also comes with a connected plastic sheet to prevent your shadows and blushes from dusting all over the place.

After using the envelope this past month I realized that I WANT MORE! The color payoff is simply amazing. I can honestly say that these are my favorite eye shadows next to MAC. There is however a downside. The eye shadows can get powdery. I pat my brush into it and the next thing I know, i've created a mess! Not too powdery, but you can probably tell from this picture.
The size of the palette is larger than the typical. Here is a comparison to the MAC palettes.
I tried my best with the swatch shot! I never realized how hard it is with these many swatches! I had to angle my arm in a weird position for this. Lol. I used MAC's "ground works" paint pot as a base.

Anyhoooo, thats all I got to say about that! I adore my new palette, or...Envelope! I have my eye on the "Neutral" Envelope. I'm sure i'll be using a lot more of those colors on an everyday basis :D

OHH and how can I forget... The price for this palette is $50 on the website!!!!!!!!! I thought I got that deal just because I was at the Makeup show!!!!! but I just checked the website and its half off. I don't know if this is just a promotional deal or what. All i know is that you can get it for $50 yourself! Enjoy!!!


  1. What do you get the girl who has everything? Or always buys things herself? Something that she wishes for...keep an eye out in the mail...love you cousin! Ateh Jas

  2. wow what a bargain !
    have u tried costla scnet,if u have,which one u prefer?:)

  3. wow. that's amazing how they have the flexible cover.

  4. Wow, $50?! That IS a bargain. :)

    Hi, new reader here!

  5. jenny @ jenny-thay@hotmail.comJuly 22, 2009 at 3:29 AM

    wow! i'm thinking of getting it now! are the blushes any good? are they the same size as mac's (size comparison) and are they removable too so i can change them if they are the same size as mac's

    thanks! i'm happy that you've updated ur blog!

  6. jenny, unfortunately the blushes are not the same size as MAC. However, you can remove the powders and fit your blushes in there. it just wouldn't be snug :)

  7. Wow, what a deal, I'm totally getting this!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hiya Judy I hope it's ok that I nicked a photo of you for my blog.... I was mentioning how great your tutorials are on youtube and I showed a photo of you alongside this. It's good praise so I figured you wouldn't mind too much ;). Love your vids, recommend them to everyone! hehe.
    emma-90.blogspot.com (if you fancy checking it out)
    Loves <3

  9. My wife and I went to an exhibition of Senna Cosmetic products and let me tell you that even though I'm a male with no interests about that I liked felt very attractive by that collection.


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