Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my IMATS photo album :)

I was invited to I.M.A.T.S, the international makeup artist trade show in Pasadena, California on June 27th, 2009. My friend Lannet and I flew to LAX Saturday morning and stayed in LA til Monday morning. Such a short time,yet we had such a blast!!! We were at the show both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we spent shopping and meeting everyone :D Afterwards spent the night out with friends Stacey and Alex :) Sunday we attended Eve Pearl's class and had dinner with friends Aimee and Mike. Here are pics, ENjoy!

Lannet & I

Lauren, aka Queen of Blending

Koren aka EnkoreMakeup

Aubrey aka Fafinettex3


macNC40, Petrilude, Xsparkage

Marlena aka MakeupGeektv

NesessaryMakeup & LannetKrsytle

Suzy aka macNC40

with a viewer :)

Jennifer aka MakeUpMedic

Claire aka Clairendelle
with a viewer

Lisseth aka SweetLisi

Mehron Model

This woman got skillz!!!

Scary stuff...

Make Up For Ever art work

This guy was SOOO HOT before all this!

Some great art work across from the convention center...

My favorite by far....

Partying in LA like no other!!!

I absolutely love watching Stacey and Alex break it down on the dance floor!

My dance instructor of the evening ;)

just finished dinner at Lucille's BBQ!! Thanks Aimee & Mike :D

Here is a video compilation of the pics and my haul from IMATS!


  1. Auuuwwww!!!!!!!!!! Stacey and Alex looked sooooo cute! As did you, of course! Can't wait to see you when ur in town :-) *Good Times*

  2. great pics! I can't wait to go to the cmas because we don't get imats :(

  3. Awesome pics!!! Looks like it was a blast!!!!

  4. there was so much to see there i kept forgetting to take pictures. it was so lovely to have met you and your friend. hope you had as much fun as i did.

  5. looks like a ton of fun! i love your white top!

  6. You look like you had massive fun! you look gorgeous! I love the stuff you got from IMAT, especially the brushes, they were at a great price. *jealous

    Thanks for sharing ;]

  7. cool post. great photos.

    visit me sometime

  8. you are so pretty judy. i love your blue dress. its soo summer!!

  9. Hi, Judy! I'm a big fan of yours since I discovered purelly by mistake your YouTube account. I've watched a lot of your videos last night and also subscribed to you. But I have a small problem, to say so. I posted a video response for your latest contest, that for, and still hasn't added to your other video responses...:( Did I do something wrong? I'm not familiar with posting video responses, I have never done that, and I wanna make sure that I did everything ok. I want so bad to participate with my video. Please, check if you received anything from Simoneta85, that is my nickname on YouTube. If not, please take into consideration the link below of my video on YouTube, if there's no problem in that. Thank you a lot. Keep doing the great job that you do. Luv, Simona

  10. Hey looked great! Pls. tell me what you used on your lips and cheeks. love the combo!

  11. You're sooo beautiful Judy !! Your photos are great !

  12. Those are some awesome pictures and looks like you had a blast with some beautiful people...

  13. Judy i absolutely love ur blue outfit on the 2nd day of IMATS! sucha cutie

  14. Hi Judy, i luv ur videos .. u are so sweet & u look absolutely beautiful :)

  15. aww i was hoping to see you there! You totally are the gateway guru that helped me get into makeup! glad you got to go to Lucilles BEST bbq


  16. LOL!

    So, I've followed your blog sometime now- and had no idea you knew Stacey and Alex.

    What a small world. Goodluck with everything. :)

  17. omg!!! u met josh aka petrilude!!!! i love him sooo much! he is a freakin genius x) <3

  18. Aw! All of my favorite gurus in one place! It looks like you had a great time!

    P. S. I'm from Seattle as well! :)

  19. is that your work? I can't believe the incredible talet that you have, beside you beauty smile and eyes, I want to keep the contact, so in my next visit I will leave mail, until the next time.


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