Saturday, November 29, 2008

FaceFront Cosmetics

I've been using FaceFront Cosmetics for the past 3 months now and i'd have to say i'm quite impressed! I'm completely in love with their loose pigments. The colors are super pigmented, vibrant, and long lasting :) FaceFront Cosmetics do not test their products on animals, and they use natural ingredients!! Here are a few swatches and acouple of looks i've done with their pigments. I don't think my camera did the pigments any justice, but ehh, whatevs!!

From left to right (butter me up, julie's revenge, chest nut, rapid volcano, razzle)

(shock tart, bee incredible, fierce contender, bold gold, circus circuit)

(rally rally red, radio waves, early spring, aqua marina, mad money)

(sea salt, xenon zephyr, bitter bark, hyper viper, rapid volcano)

(octopus ink, heroic, ice storm)

here are a few looks using facefront cosmetics

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fake a Bob!


Yup, thats right ladies! Learn how to fake a hair bob WITHOUT CUTTING YOUR HAIR! Sport short hair without the guilt trip :) I swear, every time I get a hair cut I regret it the next day. I got this technique from Ford Model hair stylist, Johnny Lavoy. Check out his tutorial here.

What I used...

Enzo Milano 1'' curling iron
lots and lots of bobby pins
L'oreal Paris Studio perfect fix hairspray
Bumble and Bumble does it all spray

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Hollywood Glamour

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! I am thankful for having a loving, supportive family. I'm thankful for having the best of the best friends a girl can ever ask for! And I'm especially thankful for our heroes, the troops in Iraq serving our country. I love this time of the year. I get to spend time with loved ones AND its also the perfect time to get GLAMOROUS! Try this look for the holidays :)

what I used...

URBAN DECAY primer potion
MAC "golden rod" paint pot
MAC "antiqued" E/S
MAC "rice paper" E/S
MAC "mulch" E/S
MAC "gold mine" E/S
L'OREAL lineur intense in carbon black
RIMMEL volume flash mascara

LIP FUSION "sweet" lip plump
BEAUTIQUE lipliner
MAC "rapturous" lipstick

MAC studiofix liquid foundation in NC42
MAC strobe cream
MAC "pearl" cream color base
CLINIQUE Shimmering tones powder "Golden Bronze"

I've gotten tons of compliments on the luminous glow, thanks to Cliniqu
e's shimmering tones powder! Now I hear this particular one is discontinued. However, you may still find it at your nearest cosmetics company outlet!! Here's a link to find the nearest CCO
Also, if you're interested in the lip fusion lip plumper, it comes with this free clutch! How cute is that ;) Anyhoooo, I hope everyone here in the states has a great and safe holiday weekend!! My long weekend will involve eating, sleeping, shopping, eating some more, and sleeping some more. lol. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My top 5 drugstore picks

I am a true MAC lover, but there are a few drugstore cosmetics that I just can't live without! I never buy drugstore makeup at full price. I'm always lookin out for Rite Aid's weekly ads in the mail and try and target the "buy one get 1 free" deals! Goodness I'm such a bargain shopper ;) If you're interested in these products and don't have a drugstore nearby, just click on the names to purchase them off of

Here are my top 5 drugstore picks (in no particular order) :

1. Revlon's sheer powder blush in "Peachy Keen"
This blush is comparable to my all time favorite bronzer/blush, Clinique's shimmering tones powder in "Golden Bronze", except Revlon's version is half the price :) With a kabuki brush, I apply the powder to the apples of my cheeks, tip of my nose, on my forehead, and just a dab on my chin. **tip - Apply bronzers where the sun would naturally hit your face.

2. L'oreal's Lineur Intense in "Carbon Black"
I've used the same liquid eyeliner for 5 years until I found out about this one! I especially like this eyeliner because it has a glossy finish, unlike my former one which has a matte finish. This doesn't smudge whatsoever and is quite easy to remove! There is however, one downside. You have to have a really steady hand for this one. The felt tip applicator is about 1mm long, whereas my other liquid eyeliner had a felt tip half the size, which allows for more control and easier application.

L'oreal's Color Juice Stick in "Personalitea"
The first time I applied this lipstick i was in heaven! First off, it has a great scent to it. It smells like the pink starburst candy, which happens to be my favorite flavor! Secondly, "personalitea" is the perfect shade for a neutral/natural looking color. Lastly, it keeps my lips moisturized (which is a must-have living in Seattle). L'oreal color juice sticks come in many other colors. I highly recommend this one.

4. Rimmel's Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara
I'm not much of a mascara user, but when I do use Mascara I found that Rimmel's volume flash works best for me! Its buildable, waterproof, and doesn't smudge off!!! The downside, it's difficult to remove with just soap and water. You'll have to invest in some good makeup remover! I recommend Clinique's "take the day off" makeup remover to take this bad boy off.

5. Revlon's Colorstay Pencil Eyeliner
Finally, a drugstore pencil eyeliner that is long lasting and doesn't smudge! and get this, it also has a pencil sharpener attached to it! If you pull off the end cap, you find a sharpener. How cool is that :) I have this eyeliner in brown, white, and teal. Just can't get enough of it! Definitely a must-have.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Natural wavy lookin hair

Yay for natural lookin wavy hair! Okay, so my hair actually is naturally wavy but NOT AT ALL in this fashion! Products I used are the 1'' enzo milano and the Bumble and Bumble does it all spray. I used the same curling technique as I did in my Vanessa Hudgens hair tutorial, except this time i didn't pin down the curls.

How to get these waves:

1. Spray the Bumble and Bumble does it all spray all over your hair. (I just found out that it is a heat protectant as well!!) I waited about 30 seconds for the spray to settle.

2. Section your hair to the bottom layer. Take a section of hair and wrap your hair around the enzo for about 8 seconds. Repeat this process until all your hair has been curled.
-Tip: for a natural lookin wave, curl in opposite directions with each section!

3. Once all your hair is curled, run your fingers through your hair. Set the look with the bumble and bumble does it all spray.

It's sooooo simple I felt I didn't need to record a tutorial for this look.

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Enjoy Ladies!

Heres how my waves turned out...

Click on photos to purchase your own!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Roselle's Wedding!

My homegirl back from highschool found through myspace that I do freelance. A few months ago she asked me if I can do her makeup for her wedding and of course I jumped to the opportunity! Last Saturday the bridal party was getting ready at Roselle's mother's home. I also provided makeup for the brides maids, maid of honor, grandma, and mother of the bride. I remember asking Roselle what her theme colors were and she said red and black. My first thought was FIERCE!! The brides maids looked hot! Here are pics of the event. Professional pictures done by the very talented Carlos Imani.

The mother of the bride. Roselle said she wanted mom to have the Jlo look!

Brides maids got the smoky red and black look. I used Facefront cosmetic's rally rally red and MAC's carbon for the shadows.

On the bride I used...

URBAN DECAY primer potion
MAC "ground works" paint pot
MAC "rose blanc" E/S
MAC "mulch" E/S
MAC "point black " liquid last eyeliner
MAC "plush lash"
ARDELLE "demi whispies" lashes

MAC Mineralized satin finish in NC40
MAC "blush baby" blush
MAC "well dressed" blush
MAC "accentuate sculpt" sculpting powder
MAC "global glow" MSF
MAC "invisible" set powder

BEAUTIQUE "natural" lipliner
MAC "creme d nude" lipstick

Note to self: work on organization skills!

What a gorgeous family, right?!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My First Blog!!!

My first blog.. EVER!!!!!!!! Yay, I finally decided to go ahead and start a blog. Why, you may ask? Well I figure this is a better way for my viewers to get to know me AND I can can add more details on looks I do. On top of that, I'm able to post pictures and videos on here. YAYY! Wow, i'm overly excited, but I hope you guys are too ;)
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