Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My top 5 drugstore picks

I am a true MAC lover, but there are a few drugstore cosmetics that I just can't live without! I never buy drugstore makeup at full price. I'm always lookin out for Rite Aid's weekly ads in the mail and try and target the "buy one get 1 free" deals! Goodness I'm such a bargain shopper ;) If you're interested in these products and don't have a drugstore nearby, just click on the names to purchase them off of drugstore.com.

Here are my top 5 drugstore picks (in no particular order) :

1. Revlon's sheer powder blush in "Peachy Keen"
This blush is comparable to my all time favorite bronzer/blush, Clinique's shimmering tones powder in "Golden Bronze", except Revlon's version is half the price :) With a kabuki brush, I apply the powder to the apples of my cheeks, tip of my nose, on my forehead, and just a dab on my chin. **tip - Apply bronzers where the sun would naturally hit your face.

2. L'oreal's Lineur Intense in "Carbon Black"
I've used the same liquid eyeliner for 5 years until I found out about this one! I especially like this eyeliner because it has a glossy finish, unlike my former one which has a matte finish. This doesn't smudge whatsoever and is quite easy to remove! There is however, one downside. You have to have a really steady hand for this one. The felt tip applicator is about 1mm long, whereas my other liquid eyeliner had a felt tip half the size, which allows for more control and easier application.

L'oreal's Color Juice Stick in "Personalitea"
The first time I applied this lipstick i was in heaven! First off, it has a great scent to it. It smells like the pink starburst candy, which happens to be my favorite flavor! Secondly, "personalitea" is the perfect shade for a neutral/natural looking color. Lastly, it keeps my lips moisturized (which is a must-have living in Seattle). L'oreal color juice sticks come in many other colors. I highly recommend this one.

4. Rimmel's Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara
I'm not much of a mascara user, but when I do use Mascara I found that Rimmel's volume flash works best for me! Its buildable, waterproof, and doesn't smudge off!!! The downside, it's difficult to remove with just soap and water. You'll have to invest in some good makeup remover! I recommend Clinique's "take the day off" makeup remover to take this bad boy off.

5. Revlon's Colorstay Pencil Eyeliner
Finally, a drugstore pencil eyeliner that is long lasting and doesn't smudge! and get this, it also has a pencil sharpener attached to it! If you pull off the end cap, you find a sharpener. How cool is that :) I have this eyeliner in brown, white, and teal. Just can't get enough of it! Definitely a must-have.


  1. Judy I highly recommend a drugstore producted called Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder. It has a stopper so it doesn't make a mess and it make skin look soo even on those bad days and it really sticks. look it up on drugstore.com it's really great. the only downside is the brush it hurts! let us know if you try it =)

  2. I really like the Revlon Colorstay eyeliner too! And i've been looking for a good drugstore white pencil eyeliner forever!! Didn't even know that Revlon had one :) I'm def going to buy it when i have time ^^

  3. Revlon colorstay is amazing!!!
    i don't think I'll ever switch eyeliners.

  4. I love Loreal mascaras and almost anything Revlon in drugstores. But I'd SO rather skip buying 2 things from a drugstore to buy 1 thing from MAC or CLINIQUE or NARS.
    Love your blog!
    You be so GORJEOUS.

  5. can u do a vid on your megan fox hair!!??

    and what's a good eyeshadow color that compliments brown eyes

  6. i am going to have to try out that lipstick. starburst scent you say? lol. im intrigued. should i go to walmart now when its like 11:17 pm? no, no i can wait. lol

  7. I buy my Revlon Colorstay from Target..but they never have it in black! They always sell out right away..so I was desperate about bought the Covergirl eyeliner.. definitely NOT THE SAME!!

  8. never tried any of these products.. but i do use drugstore products too. only thing i can afford at the moment lol

  9. I loveee that L'oreal Liquid Liner as well. The staying power is amazing. I recommend it all the time to my friends. =]

  10. omg i love this
    i bought number 1 and 5 and im in love
    thanks so much judy :D


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