Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fake a Bob!


Yup, thats right ladies! Learn how to fake a hair bob WITHOUT CUTTING YOUR HAIR! Sport short hair without the guilt trip :) I swear, every time I get a hair cut I regret it the next day. I got this technique from Ford Model hair stylist, Johnny Lavoy. Check out his tutorial here.

What I used...

Enzo Milano 1'' curling iron
lots and lots of bobby pins
L'oreal Paris Studio perfect fix hairspray
Bumble and Bumble does it all spray

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  1. ohhh... wish i had watcher ur video before cutting my hair!! 'cos now I'm regretting cutting it, now it is too puffy... But well, let's wait until it's long again.
    congrats! i love ur vids! :)

  2. yess johnny lavoy is the best lol
    thats where i learned this technique as well. it also adds volume to your hair :)

  3. I love it!
    Your hair has gotten really long since you've first started posting vids!

  4. wow i love this idea look! very cute style! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  5. ohhh cute idea!!! love it - Love it!!!

  6. haha cool. before seeing this video i've tried doing the fake bob thing myself and it didn't come out that great.
    i've been looking for a tutorial to fake a bob for a long time. now i found it. thanks!

  7. Hiii... I really like this tutorial. I wished it came out earlier... i had really long hair b4 and it two me 2 months to decide if an angled bob cut will look good on me. I think this is a great idea for people to try.

  8. Hi !!! I would like to have a similar extreme change , I Think that the girl in the photos has a bid difference beetwen both pictures.

  9. I wnat to see this video but a Can't :( way?

  10. Please, please, please repost this video!! Or can you do a new updated one?! It looks so cute and I'd really like to try a bob, but I really don't want to cut my hair! :/


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