Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Single ladies, are you interested?

No, he's not desperate or anything, just thought it would be nice to hook him up. Or even just find a good friend. I've known "P" for about 8 years now. He's a humble and sweet guy. Comment here ladies ;)


  1. lmfaooo!! that was hilarious! ur so sweet helping a friend, gluck! hahah hi pete! music? hip hop? i might have to school him on soem things. hahaha sounds like an interesting man. someones gonna be a lucky lady. merry xmas to the both of you guys. and my friend sittin next to me wants to kno if the other guy is a part of the "date a mate" ad! LOLLLL

  2. You are too cute, girl! LOL Tell him he looks like my future ex husband ;@) Boom Chicka Wah Wah

  3. first I thought he looks kinda shy, but then when he started talking with such confidence I was like hmm.. kinda hot! ;) I got a man though but just wanted to give him a compliment through you and just put it out there that he should have no problem with finding the "right" girl
    merry xmas :)

  4. all...the single ladies...
    all the single ladies... that song came into my head when I saw your posting... LOL

    how sweet of you for finding him a nice girl - hope it's successful!

    happy holidays!!!!!

  5. Dwana,

    Lol, that comment was priceless!!

  6. i want him but he kinda look like mi cuzzin

  7. Any chance he'll be going to Calgary Canada? I have a friend who is smart independent and is into music =)

  8. Pete seems like an amazing guy. Too bad he won't be stopping by West Virginia :-( lol

  9. is this for real? haha
    i'm single, tell him to hit me up sometime!

    music is MY passion. and am 'independent'.
    when is he visiting seattle?

    happy new year

  10. Aw this is too cute! If your friend is passing NYC soon, I'll be glad to meet up :)

    He can find me on facebook, just look up jdlabadia(at)gmail.com


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