Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Years look: Silver and Black

Ever wondered what happened to the Ashanti inspired makeup tutorial I did awhile back? It got deleted due to copyright infringement :( All is good though! I re-created the look with a bit of "BAM"! You can pretty much tell the difference from these photos. Anyhooo, you gotta try this look entering the New Year!!!

Ashanti inspired (the original, using coastal scents 88 palette)

Re-creation (using MAC)

What I used...

MAC "pixel" paint
MAC "electra" E/S
MAC "carbon" E/S
MAC "brule" E/S
FACEFRONT COSMETICS "survival paint" to brows
MAC "mystery" E/S to brows
Falsies from Daiso store
MAC "fix +" as mixing medium

NYX "rose" lipliner
MAC "creme d nude" lipstick

PONDS dry skin cream, the original
MAC mineralized satinfinish foundation in NC40


  1. LOVE this look. i'm a huge fun of your makeup and hair tutorials...keep up the great work! happy holidays! :)

  2. Wow i really love the look.
    I couldnt creat it since i dont have all the products you use :(

    could you visit my blog too :)

  3. gorgeous look :)
    merry christmas doll :)

  4. hey judy! just wanna say that i realli love this look~! but i think u 4got one thing from the list is that..after u put *pixel* paint.. did u use black pearl shadestick? just wondering =P

    neways.. merry xmas and happi new year! =]] 2009 ish coming up!

  5. Hey girl! Looking fab as ever! :D What glue do you use for your falsies? :)

  6. WOW -- this is stunning and ultra GLAM. def. a NYE look!!

    thanks for sharing it with us!! now I'll have to grab me an 88 palette!


  8. Awesome.. I love it! Thanks a lot! took a look at all you tutorials in one night with my mom!great stuff! :)

  9. very beautiful look and I love the application...would any silver and black work for this look...I don' have those colors in Mac....also what brushes do you use....

  10. this is definitely a new year's look, loves it!

  11. I have last years royal assets smokey eyes set from MAC, and it has this silver thats called Rondelle. I know its limited edition.. but maybe theyl'll bring it back!

    (middle set, top right)

    I also tried Vellum from this years Chill collection on my hand.. and it looked pretty true silver to me! :)

  12. that looks so nice.. i love the bottom lashes!

  13. you look exactly like kourtney kardashian :)

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