Thursday, December 11, 2008

Loose Waves - Holiday Hair!

Okay, so i said I wasn't going to do a tutorial on this look because its sooo easy to do! but I figured hey, why not!! (Actually, I was bored and wanted to do another video.)

so here is what I used (click on pictures to purchase)

***Just a heads up, beautychoice is honoring $15 off any $100 purchase (coupon code: pepperbeauty), AND free shipping on sales over $50. Crazy good deal :D


You can do TONS of looks with these loose waves :) Send me pics or post on your blogspot with styles you come up with!


  1. Hey Judy,can you tell us what shampoo/conditioner you use to keep your hair so healthy looking and shiny? and also skincare routine because your skin looks great! a lot of my friends and I watch your videos and I know a lot of people want to know what you do with your hair and face to keep them in top shape.

  2. swtlitocherrie, Judy already made a video answering those questions. You could do a search on her Youtube playlist videos to find it.

    When i curl my hair, what i hate the most, is finding the hair that aren't curled!!

  3. Loveee the curls! I wish I could do it the same but it never turns out the way i wanted it be ~

    thanks for sharing


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. OoOOh I've been eyeing that Enzo curling iron! Is it really necessary to use the glove though?

    Love the waves!

  6. i love your top! haha you and your bf are so cute.

  7. i love your hair, it always looks so pretty! by the way, i tagged you on my blog :)

  8. i just love your hair !
    wish i could do the same with mine but it's just too short and i end up looking like a big christmas ball.argh.

  9. gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgous hair!

    you make me regret getting rid of my enzo iron. your waves look gorgeous and super healthy. gonna have to try your technique with my flat iron!

    thanks for the vid and tut! hav a wonderful weekend!!

  10. i love the loose waves holiday hair! looks like ur hair is blue too.. ur gorgeous!

    p.s:(please email me so i can invite u to my blog)


  12. judy thanks so much for this! i'm completely clueless when it comes to curling my hair. love your tutorials! you're so talented :)

  13. What a very nice hair. Hahaha you have a very very beautiful and healthy hair. I hope you will post more of these and thank you for sharing.

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