Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bold Yellow and Purple

So this is has to be my favorite tutorial. No, not necessarily the makeup, but because of the little "surprise" i got while i was making the tutorial. Lol Enjoy ladies!!!

What I used...

URBAN DECAY primer potion
MAC "groundworks" paint pot
NYX "yellow" jumbo E/S pencil
MAC "chrome" yellow E/S
MAC "parfait amor" E/S
MAC " plumage" E/S
MAC "fertile" E/S
MAC "rice paper" E/S
KAT VON D "rad purple" from Beethoven palette
MAYBELLINE "black" liquid eyeliner
REVLON colorstay pencil "frilly white"
REVLON colorstay pencil "black"
funky falsies!

LIP FUSION "sweet" micro injected collagen lip plump
MAC "chintz on chintz" lipstick

MAC studio fix powder in NC42
MAC "pearl" cream color base
MAC "well dressed" powder blush
MAC "accentuate sculpt" sculpting powder


  1. haha oh my gosh that's got to be my fave video of yours too haha
    the look on his face!!!! LOL! too funny :P
    looking gorgeous as always though :)
    take care!

  2. Judy, you know your boyfriend wanted to be on this since you started making this tutorial =)

    love the look and i have to agree with xphoebelinax. this got to be my favorite video of yours as well

    stay beautiful!!

  3. I WAANTTTT CHROME YELLOWW!!! AHHH! ahaha and your boo is kinda scandalous ;] LOL!! too funny.

  4. I'm digging this look. I have a pair of earrings and shoes that would work the heck out of those colors!

  5. i have yellow heels too!! i'll rock it next time ;)

  6. That combo is stunning. And those lashes!! So pretty!

  7. HAHA! You and your boyfriend are so cute!

    I love the yellow and purple. Chrome yellow is so fierce!!

  8. i love the look! never knew chrome yellow could be so fierce! =]

    and BF. just soo funny!! lol

  9. That was funny :)

    Cute look, love those lashes!

  10. i want to add u on my list but i cant find your link to add i love all your vidz and u were my reason i started doing vids thank u for your help i was on your ustream last it was great i was justlianne

  11. that was so funny the look on his face was priceless did he really not know that you were filimg

  12. email me so i can invite u to my blog plz

  13. hey judy can you do a segment on what brands of false lashes are the best and how to apply them? a lot of people want really natural looking but full lashes but they don't always know how to put it on or what brand of false lashes won't make their eyelashes fall out, thanks!

  14. You've been tagged :] check out my blog for more info.

  15. hi judy !

    i tagged u mama check out my blog !

  16. LOL Judy! haha. Reminds me of my husband

  17. Ohmy.. I love your make up! And iam so crazy repeating your video. Like how the hell you did that. Haha! Take care prettyhead!

  18. Omg you always pick the best background music for your videos!!

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