Thursday, February 27, 2014

NEW Forever 21 Premium Beauty Products Open Box Review

This was my first look at the Forever 21 Premium Beauty Products line. Here is a closer look at the products and swatches I did in my latest open box review video. A few things that really stood out to me about the products are the smooth feel of the face powder, the colors of the lipstick and large size of eyeshadows. 
For a full first look and review with swatches WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

Find more open box reviews, fist impressions and tutorials on my Youtube Channel ItsJudyTime


  1. Hi Judy! I've been a youtube fan of itsjudyslife ever since. I just want to say congrats and all the best with the twins!

    Jillian x

  2. Great reviews judy !! Im not really a fan of forever 21 makeup but its good to know they have some good stuff.


  3. Love it! And good luck with your twinsies! Will be watching its judys life :)

    Miss Annie @ - Photography

  4. I'm interested in the lipsticks. They look great!

  5. Hey judy. I just wanted to let you know that someone copied one of your pregnancy updates on youtube. I believe their name is Marie larae

  6. Love how honest you were with the reviews. I saw one other review on these products and I was like, "Ooohh! Gotta get them now!" But after watching your review,... yeah, I think I'll pass. :)

    Connie from

  7. Hi Miss Judy,
    I’m very disappointed that I didn’t alot more time watching your vids before :) I hope I can be more active now.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  8. Hi Judy, great reviews! Those products are so look great! Hope to get this soon.



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