Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to Contour your face in SECONDS!

There are many different methods to contouring, but I find this way to be the easiest and fastest! All I used are two items: a bronzing powder and a contour blush. 

 The powder I'm using in this video is MAC's "matte bronze" bronzer.

The brush I used is a BH cosmetics angled blush brush. 

 Step 1:
Locate your cheek bones and concentrate most of the color on your upper cheek bones, then sweep downwards.

Step 2:
Now work on your temples, and connect to your cheek bones (creating a "C" shape). To create the illusion of a smaller forehead, I shade up there as well :)

And THAT'S IT! It's so easy to do and creates the illusion of beautiful high cheek bones! 


  1. Quick and simple! Thanks, Judy! ;)

  2. I love your videos! They're still my favorites til this day. MAC's matte bronze is one of my favorite powders to contour with.

  3. I have only recently started to contour my face, it makes such a big difference I couldn't believe it! I am extremely pale so most contour powders do not work for me, so I use just a normal face powder a few shades darker than my skintone and it works perfectly.


  4. Another easy and effective tip!

  5. This is really helpful thanks Judy! By the way I love ur top where did u get it?


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