Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sephora's Instant Airbrush Foundation First Impression/ Review

-4.2 fluid ounces
- $28.00 at Sephora
-oil free
-paraben free
- 2 available shades: Medium & Tan

 There are three adjustable settings: light, medium, and high coverage. Personally I don't think this is useful. I used the foundation on low coverage and to my surprise it sprayed out like it was high coverage! I didn't even bother testing the high coverage.

 The directions say to hold the foundation 10 inches away from the face. Here's my reaction to my first spritz. It wasn't pretty and sure as heck didn't smell great either! It smelled like a can of spray paint D: 

 I had to spray some on my hand because the foundation at the top of the bottle didn't settle well on my skin. 

And here comes round two. The application again wasn't pretty. It got all over my hair and even my dress. Next time I use this, i'll just spray the foundation on my hand first, then apply with a brush. I just wanted to show how to apply the foundation as the instructions recommend. I was however impressed by the coverage and finish. 

Here I am full-faced makeup. It may not look it in the photo or video, but in person the shade did oxidize a reddish/orange tint that looked a shade or two darker than my skin tone. 

And here is the before and after six hour later. The foundation stayed put! It worked so well with my oily-combination skin which I was very pleased. I'd have to say the only major downside to this foundation is the color selections. I'm hoping they'll come out with more shades soon. Otherwise, I don't see myself wearing this on myself, but possibly on my clients.

By the way, I've gotten lots of compliments on my lipstick this day! I was wearing Makeup For ever Artist Intense Rouge in #42

Watch my review on video!


  1. Before going back to the office, i watched this video and this made my day.. pretty funny but the coverage looks nice and your skin looked flawless.. godbless judy.. you inspire me.. :))

  2. you always look so beautiful Judy

  3. I loved your reactions to the application! It was a good laugh! Thank you for doing this. I actually was going to purchase this but happy I saw your review before I did! Love ya Judy!

  4. I loved the pictured you took while you applied! So funny! ^__^

  5. This was one of the most hilarious first impressions to watch. The way it came out though is a bit unsettling. Thank goodness I didn't get it.

  6. my favorite first impression video hahah
    mind checking out my blog? :) makeup and food reviews!

  7. Very nice video and review, thanks for sharing. You´re so funny and cute. :)

    Vanessa (Brazil)

  8. I use that same foundation in Light. They only have the color Light in stores. The only down side to this product is it only lasts for about 2 weeks!


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