Friday, May 27, 2011

Finding the Right Bridesmaid Dress!!!

As my cousin Ate Anne said, its the "Say Yes to the Dress - Bridesmaid edition!" I had so much fun with this Alfred Angelo fitting, and I hope the girls did too :) I was lucky enough to have all my bridesmaids available, and to get their input in helping me decide which dress to pick. Its hard to decide especially when the sample dresses aren't the colors of my choice, which is violet. Shannon and Chris, the stylists, pointed us to the direction of what kind of dress I was looking for. We narrowed it down to six different styles. Please excuse the photo quality, I took screen shots of the video (which will be posted below)

 Dress #1
First dress is a beautiful flowing chiffon dress.  It has the layering A line at the bottom.  However I didn't like how low it came on the bust.

 Dress #2
The second just doesn't scream bridesmaid to me. Its too simple, and the bow on the side looked a little off. Doesn't it look more like a cocktail kind of dress?

 Dress #3
Again, another cocktail looking dress. Its simple, yet I love how it accentuates the bust ;)

 Dress #4
Forth dress was a definite favorite amongst all of us! Its a one strap with flowers and free flowing. At first glance of it on the hanger I thought it was hideous, but to my surprise its beautiful on!
 Dress #5
Fifth dress was also gorgeous! I like that its a halter top, but doesn't expose too much of the bust. It fit so well on the girls. This dress was in my top 3.

Dress #6
Sixth dress is a halter top (like i initially wanted.) It gathers around the waist and has the ribbon, which is probably the most flattering on everyone.

It was definitely hard to choose between dress # 4,5, and 6. Can you guess which dress I chose? I which one is your favorite?!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Messy Ponytail inspired by Jennifer Lopez

Try this simple and easy party hair yourself! 
This is a quick messy ponytail hair tutorial inspired by Jennifer Lopez.
Step 1. Part your hair down the middle
Step 2. Bring your hair up to a high ponytail
Step 3. Spray working spray to sections of your hair
Step 4. Tease section by section
Step 5. Set your tease with a strong hold hairspray
Step 6. Polish your bangs with a round brush and blow dryer

What I used...
-teasing comb
-Bumble and Bumble styling spray
-Professional Natures Therapy freezing hairspray
-Aquage beyond shine
- Round hair brush
-hair dryer

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