Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crocs in Miami!

Last week I was given a fun opportunity to shop Croc's new translucent line, and find outfits to go with it! One of the best parts... it was in Miami! I think I just about died and gone to heaven ;) At first I read the email headlining crocs. I wasn't too excited because the signature crocs style doesn't interest me. Then I saw photos of the new style and jumped right on it! Let me tell you, you wouldn't know a comfortable shoe until you try one. I thought I knew what comfortable felt like, but now I KNOW what comfortable is. I think crocs has changed my life!

Here's a photo diary of the experience.

 Sweet Doug helping me!

 Instantly fell in love!

 Never thought i'd wear these, but they're SO COMFORTABLE!

 Benji told me to pose like this. lol

 its hard to choose with their huge variety!

 Proud new Croc owners :)

 Christine helping me choose :)

 The Miami Crocs crew :)

 Shopping time! Here I am at Replay SoBe

 This would be my hot dancin dress ;)

 I can never have enough purple dresses ;)

Just chillin in front of these exclusive Chanel bags. "Just another Thursday"-Christine

 Benji and i were walking around and stumbled upon this weird, yet adorable clothing store! They sell clothes, and PUPPIES!!!


  1. aww. you're so pretty. i always watch your vids :)

    kisseeeess! :)

  2. I never knew Crocs had SO MANY different types of shoes.. I love it, "just chillin in front of these exclusive Chanel" haha

  3. I recently got a croc flats (not from the translucent line) but I just love how comfy they are! You're too darn cute! Where did you get the dress you wore while you were shopping at crocs? xoxo

  4. that crocs translucent line looks so compfy. I wonder if they already have it here in Phils. and oh, the dresses you picked are gorg!

  5. who knew crocs could be so cute!

  6. what is that big vein looking circle on your foot? maybe from too much walking? i guess Crocs will help it heal ;-)

  7. Whoa! Crocs don't look as ugly anymore. Awesome pics!

  8. Hi, what brand are your sunglasses? You and benji looks amazing! You deserve everything good that comes your way!!

  9. I never knew Crocs had a store like that!! Im going to have to go now :)

  10. Hey Judy! After reading this post, I was inspired to take a look at Crocs. I just came back from the mall w/ the same pair that you got but in the blue/yellow combo! And I bought my Mom the same pair for Mother's Day! Thanks for the posting...and all the make up tips! You really have helped me w/ my skills!!

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