Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh my Darling!

Playing around with more Sugarpill makeup! I chose a nice pop of teal to brighten up my eyes. This would look gorgeous on blue and green eyes too! I contoured by cheeks and finished off with nude lips. Try this look for yourself!
What I used...
 Sugarpill loose shadows
starting from top left: Lumi, Stella, Darling, Magpie, Weekender
 MAC prism blush

 MAC shadester sculpting powder

Revlon smooth nude colorstay lipstick

How to create this look:
1. Sugarpill "darling" from lid to crease
2. Sugarpill "magpie" and "stella above the crease
3. Sugarpill " weekender" to the inner half of your crease
4. Sugarpill "lumi" to your inner tearduct
5. MAC "rice paper" to your highlight
6. Black eyeliner winged out and to your lower lashline
7. Add false lashes to finish up the end

I'm wearing Jessica Simpson hairdo bangs in Ebony
Disclaimer: Sugarpill sent the makeup for free. I am not getting paid to use their products. 


  1. Lovely look on you and the teal looks beautiful!

    Liesl :)

  2. Lovely look, Judy!
    You look so pretty. :)

  3. you look totally incredible!!!! i love the colors used on your eyes, they are beautiful (the colors AND your eyes)


  4. Hi Judy! would you tell me which color is your hair? blue black? ebony black? deep dark brown? i LOVE it!

  5. lol I think you mean "from LID to crease" rather than "LIP to crese!" :D applying eyeshadow from the lip all the way up to the crease might be a little too much color! haha. This looks gorgeous! I'm going to have to try this out :)

  6. thanks ladies!!!

    @barbie I'm wearing ebony
    @carol, thanks for catching that!! fixing it right away :D

  7. wow, love this look.. i don't dare to try new colours... after looking at your look today... I'm definitely going to try this out..

  8. Are the bangs comfortable and unnoticeable? Luv the make-up!

  9. Judy!! YOu make me want to get this camera!! So are you taking screen shots while you are doing the tutorial!? Does this camera do just about everything!? the auto focus is amazing! The picture with the lipstick and you in the back is sooooooo cool...

  10. @rozia, the bangs are comfortable depending on the way you apply them. The first time I tried it I pulled them back too far and I could only keep them on for an hour.its just a matter of playing with it to find whats best for you.

    @marissa, Yeah this camera is amazing! I record, then take still shots :)

  11. love this look and the bangs shape your face perfectly :)

  12. Hey Judy how do you keep your hair long and silky looking I love your hair. Is your hair colored?

  13. Love this post!!! awesome colors and technique :))


    Can you do this look?

  15. lumi is snow in finnish :)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Beautiful Judy, I love your makeup tutorials!

  18. Hey Judy! Would you please help me? I really want to try those bangs out,since my hair is naturally (hella) curly,and i dont want to cut it,coz it would look ridiculous,if i wear it curly...So my hair is the darkest brown,almost black.What do you think,which color should i get?


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