Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Selena Gomez inspired Side Ponytail

Selena Gomez has beautiful thick hair, and a great sense of style when it comes to hair. She has been sporting the voluminous side ponytail for awhile now. You can recreate her look even if you lack her gorgeous thick locks! Here is what you'll need:

- 1/2 inch curling iron
- Heat protectant
- hair spray
- hair tie
- rat tail comb/ teasing comb

Add heat protectant to your hair

Curl your hair with a curling iron. Interchange the direction of each curl

Apply dry shampoo to add texture

Tease the hair around the crown and temples

Your hair should look voluminous like this

Put your hair to a side ponytail, then lift your hair to your desired volume with a rat tail comb

Pull out some strands of hair, and there ya have it. A Selena Gomez inspired side ponytail!

Feel free to re-create this look yourself and post your video response to the video below, or even post a photo of the look on my facebook :)


  1. I really love your work with youtube and the blog. So I give you the "Sunshine award 2011"
    I hope you enjoy it!!


  2. Hey Judy, love your videos and your so beautiful. My sister and i started our own little blog and My sister Maria started her youtube channel couple of weeks ago. Wish us luck and check us out. www.glamtimee.blogspot.com

  3. Your hair tutorials are incredible!!! You make it soo easy :)))

  4. I often watch your video on youtube and you are very awesome!
    I love most of your video, but too bad we have different eye's structure so I cannot try your look. bcos I have asian eyes :(

  5. Can you please show what lipgloss you are wearing in this tutorial? Thanks

  6. Where have you bought your 1/2 inch curling iron? I really want to have one :)
    Can you might show me a link on where i can buy it, or one there looks like yours, thanks ;)

  7. which dry shampoo do you use??? please reply!!

  8. Selena Gomez....Cewek cantik yang aduhai. Saya yakin di kemudian hari dia akan menjadi artis terkenal

  9. I really love your videos, you make it super easy to do. I'm in year 8 and i wore this look to school and everyone loved it!


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