Friday, November 12, 2010

E.L.F. Open Box Review

I stumbled across the eyes lips face website the other day and was thrilled to see their 50% off all eye products promotion! I ordered seven products: an eyeshadow palette, brow tamer, brow pencil/highlighter, Pen liner, brow duo, eyeshadow primer, and cream liner.

The eyeshadow palette was on sale for $2.50. The Pen liner was on sale for .50 cents. The rest of the products were on sale for $1.50. There were a few products I could do without, but a few great finds I found for extremely great prices :)

Check out my review below.  



  1. eyeshadow primer is great and cream liner is looking like dry but it's not. it's awsome too...

  2. really helpfull video, because elf is so cheap that I wasn´t sure that their products really worked.
    I think that cream liner is going to be my next one!!

  3. Hi judy, you can contact elf customer service in there web page and tell them that your eyeliner was dry and they will send you another one :) no charge :) .. i orderd one and it was ok, it's actualy good ..

  4. So helpful! Please continue Open Box reviews! I just got the ELF Neutrals encyclopedia after you recommended their 32 color palette (my Target was out of it) but I figured I would get another palette just to try out. Like it! Thanks =)

  5. oh hi judy! :) i just found this open box review!
    how long did it take for your order to get to you? and did you have any shipping trouble? they emailed me a tracking # but when I went on fedex, the order was not found/fedex had no record of it.
    please let me know! thanks! - Kathy

  6. Kathy,
    Its probably taking longer than usual since it was the holidays. I received this package within a week, but the last one during Thanksgiving took about 2 weeks

  7. That really sucks about the pen I've gotten them before and they were pretty good quality my only issue is that they run out quick. Maybe if you call them they'll replace it!


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