Friday, October 1, 2010

Dicks Burgers and ULTA!

Went on a lunch date with my friend Babs!!! Thought it would be fun for you to join as well :) Our first stop was Dicks Burgers! If you're from the Seattle area, you already know whats up ;) Afterwards we went to ULTA for some great deals.

I ordered the Delux with fries and tartar sauce. I'm obsessed with the tartar. I believe i got 5! This all together came to about $4. Yummy and inexpensive ;) But this is not an everyday meal people!

ULTA for some 40% off deals!

Check out what we bought in this video


  1. The burger looks absolutely yummy!
    Great haul from Ulta!


  2. I don't eat fast food, but i love Ulta! :))

  3. I dont like burgers, but that looks good. I love Ulta, great haul. Im heading there tomorrow to buy some stuff form the sale. :D

  4. hi just a quick question judy,
    what shade did you get for the dream smooth mousse?


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