Monday, October 18, 2010

BH Cosmetics Open Box Review


 My favorite palette by far is the 120 Eyeshadow palette 3rd edition. The palette has lots of great fall colors for day and night. I love the brushes as well. I'm impressed by the quality. They're very soft and durable. I recommend these products for beginners and makeup lovers like myself!

Contacts are New Adult Blue from


  1. i love the second palette, it looks like it has an equal amount of brights as neutral. are the prices different?

  2. One day I'll be able to experiment and be a makeup expert like you ;)
    Have a great week!

  3. I'm not watching the video right now but I will sometime tomorrow or the weekend (so if you talked about it, I'll find out myself later)... I'm wondering... is it the same as coastal scents?

  4. Lovely lovely palettes. I actually find #1 and #2 to be quite similar. I like #3 too! It's really pretty colors.


  5. hey lady, i tagged you on my blog! XOXO


    check it out i follow u as well!!

  7. Hello Judy I really love your hair tutorials, please could you make this hair tutorial: how to make the hair you were wearing in this video. I tried make it, but it didn't looks like yours hair. I have quite same hair as you, but brown not black. Have a great time, your big fan Denise.
    P.S. I'm from the Czech Republic(Central Europe), so my English isn't so well. :-)


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