Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Date Night, Thanks to YOUR recommendations!!!

Last Wednesday Benji and I appeared live on Ustream. We were chatting away and benji came up with this awesome idea for the viewers to choose our next date!! So thats exactly what we did! The viewers initially recommended a fondue restaurant, but unfortunately there are none around our area :( We  went for the 2nd most suggested restuarant, which was Japanese. We ended up going to a wonderful Japanese restaurant called Daruma.

Shashimi dish

Pon Katsu with a side of potatoes and salad

After dinner, we hit up WalMart to get some fondue goodies!
Ghirardelli Chocolate makes a HUGE difference! 
Oh, and we got some Ben & Jerry's too. I had a $1 off coupon ;)

I had to settle with this fondue, which was totally ok. It was delish!


  1. awwww judy! you guys look like you had a blast..I might have to try the fondue! im always down for tryin new things..well not always...lol...GLAD YOU GUYS HAD A GOOD TIME, and you look cute!! hmmm now im wanting strawberries!! -just a thought

  2. Aww, too bad you didn't get to eat fondue... maybe when you're vacationing somewhere else. teehee. You two are so cute together and nom nom on strawberries! =D

  3. Looks so good! Glad you had a nice time!

  4. Awwww thats too bad
    There's one in Bellevue its called Melting pot.
    It's worth a try but you have to reserve ahead of time.

    Hope you guys get to try it soon.

  5. i love when you post these, I think you and Benji are the cutest!

  6. I'm from Kent Washington. In Bellevue they have a fondue restaurant called Melting pot. I think it's fondue lol


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