Monday, June 14, 2010

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Colors

Finally!!!! A drug store lipstick I'm in LOVE with :D

These lipsticks have a semi-matte finish with the consistency in between the MAC cremesheen lipsticks and MAC Mattine lipsticks. The Mega Last lipsticks go on smooth. They have awesome pigmentation, fragrance free, and are non-drying!

And the best part.... they're only $2.99  a piece! Be sure to check out your drug store ads in the mail. Often times Wet n Wild will have Buy One Get One half off sales. 

Here are a few swatches of the colors I have...

 907C - Mauve Outta Here
916D - Ravin Raisin

 903C- Just Peachy
901B- Think Pink

905D- Smokin Hot Pink
907C- Bare it All

906C- Wine Room
905D- Smokin Hot Pink


  1. Thanks so much for the swatches! I am loving Just Peachy and Wine Room :D

  2. I'm so getting some of those!

  3. I have 901 B but i've been meaning to pick up the rest because they're so great! Thanks for the swatches :)


  4. judy you are an ANGEL!!!! i dont wear lippies but when i saw the JUST PEACHY i jst wanna grab it right away!! so i got it today and you're right... it's gorgeous!!! true to color!!! thanks!

  5. im gonna get "bare it all" also!!

  6. Lip Stick Shopping with my girls!!

    Going to keep a sharp eye out for these, im going to try like 3 different drug stores!

  7. hey judy..I love you so much
    I just open your blog to see some swatches.
    hope you can check out mine

  8. It's great seeing you explain everything on the YouTube video. Maybe if i buy those lipsticks (they look nice) i'll try to save, cut out and tape back on the part of the clear wrapper that has the name of the colour of the lipstick on it. I'll be want to watch this again when i'm logged into my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns). A couple of my videos have some banging in the background too. i like the long eyelashes too and the darker lipsticks, but you look good in all of them. Great video.

  9. im not really into make ups but when i first saw ur vids. i now had confidence to be confident enough to do experiments to myself thanks to you! i love ur hair here can u tell us how u do it.

  10. This is really exciting! Thanks and I hope you continue to check out my blog for deals as well :)


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hya Judy,
    I'm a 18 years old girl from Belgium. ( do you know that country? :D )
    I'm in looooooove with your tutorialvideo's on youtube! You're doing such a great job!
    I have a little question, hope you can help me.
    Next week wednesday I have my prom, and I would like to have pretty curly hair. ( like kim kardashian)
    I have very long dark brown hair (it comes to middle of my back), very thick and a looooot of hair. Now my question is; do you know what the best thing is that I can use to make these curls? A curlingiron, heated rolers? or is it a better idea to go to a hairdresser? (although I always do my hair myself!)

    Thanks, Jana!x
    and keep doing the good work with your tutorials!

  13. I i'm a follower of your youtubechannel and i must say you rock it girl ;D i simply adore your tutorials related with waves and here it goes a request..could you put in your channel more selena gomez hair style tutorials please?

    thanks * and keep up with the good work.

  14. i have a few of these and absolutely love them!!


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  16. please put a tutorial on your youtube channel inspired by his look
    please....thanks * ;)

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  18. I am so glad you put this post up here! I have been searching for an affordable lipstick shade with a matte finish ( I abhor lipsticks that are "glittery" ) Thank you so much! I will definitely be going to the drugstore today!


  19. hey judy, can u do this hairstyle that kristen stewart did, thanks. great vid too(luv just peachy):))
    pics of the look

  20. new follower~ I def want to go get those lipsticks now. I always wanted to try them! Go check out my blog when you get the chance as well!

  21. Wish we got this in the UK! Love your blog - now following!

    Lauren Loves...

  22. Ooo, these are gorgeous! I already have 2 of the wnw color icon e/s palettes, now I'm gonna have to nab some of these lippies as well! I discovered your channel because of xteeener's IMATS video, I subbed!

  23. wow those are really pigmented for the price.


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