Friday, May 29, 2009

Contest Time... Again!!

Has it really been a year since my last contest? haha, okay maybe not a year but close to it! I want to thank all my viewers by having a contest. Thanks "gottaluvrokin" for the contest idea! I'll be sending out your palette next week. Okay, so here's the 411:

Contest Rules:

1. This is a gift to my subscribers :)
2. Re-create a look from a Magazine Cover
3. Show us the magazine cover in the video
4. Incorporate hair and makeup
5. If you are underage, ask your parents permission to enter!
6. Open to international viewers as well!
7. You can do the look on yourself or others.
8. Video or picture tutorial
9. Post as a video response to this video
10. One entry per person
11. Deadline is 06/11/09 11:59PM pacific time

Special Thanks to the following sponsors:

The Brush Guard
Bee Luscious Cosmetics
Still Glamorous Cosmetics
The Body Shop

I have even more prizes that are not shown. Yayerz!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Girlactik Cosmetics

Yay for Sparkle!! I was really excited when I heard about Girlactik Cosmetics. This is a great way for you guys and gals to incorporate sparkle into your makeup :) I've worn the sparkles out and the sparkles actually stayed on the entire day!! Impressive! I got the professional starter kit which comes with two sparkles (champagne and white gold), two bases (star light and pearl), a tapered angle brush, and pink brush pouch.

The light star base can be used alone as a cream eyeshadow, or even as eyeliner with the help of the tapered angle brush. You can even apply any of your eye shadows on top of this base to get the color vibrant and longer lasting.

The pearl base I love cause it's more versatile. I can be used as a highlight to your brow bones and above the cheek bones! You can use it itself on your lids for a shimmery glow effect. I find that the pearl base makes the white gold sparkle really stand out.

The tapered brush comes with this adorable pink pouch. I wish the pouch could have been bigger so I can put all my girlactik cosmetics in there, but its all G!

Wiping off the sparkles is not a tough task what so ever. The sparkles easily glides off with the touch of a cotton ball :)

White Gold Sparkle
Champagne Sparke

Light base & Pearl base
White gold with on top of bases

Champagne on top of bases

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bee Luscious 40% off Memorial Day Sale!!!

Can you believe it?! Bee Royal is honoring 40% off Bee Luscious cosmetics from now until Monday the 25th of May! (unfortunately excluding Spring 2008/2009 and Fall 2008 palettes) This sale is strictly for newsletter subscribers, so don't forget to subscribe (its completely free)! Just click on the image above and there will be a section where you just enter your e-mail address towards the bottom of the site. On top of the sale, you'll get free shipping on orders over $120 (domestic and international). Coupon code: 40off

This is a great opportunity for you guys to try out their UHH-MAY-ZING products! I've been using Bee Lucious for the past few weeks and in all honesty impressed by the payoff. I use their "cinder rose" superwear creme eyeshdaow religiously everyday! Its comparable to the MAC paint pots. Goes great under any eyeshadow, keeping it long lasting and prevents my eyeshadows from creasing or caking.

Here are a few of my favorite Bee Luscious Products:

Retexturing Face Primer

The Perfect Smokey Eye kit

Superwear Creme Eyeshadow

The Garden Bouquet

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Body Shop Summer Face Off

A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in The Body Shop's Summer Face-Off challenge! Lisa from The Body Shop send me the products from their summer collection, Hot Brights. They've got gorgeous hues of blues, purples, and bronze. You may ask how's the payoff? Well check for yourselves!

Here's the sultry evening look I entered for the face-off. I had lots of fun with this look! Definitely something I'd wear during one of my hot dates with Ben, or even just spending the night out in the town with the girlfriends!

Click here and vote for me! Or your favorite look of course :) It was an honor just to be posted in the same page as some of my makeup idols such as xsparkage, julieg713, and petrilude!! Who ever gets the most votes gets featured on the body shop's blog with their tutorial. Check out all the looks. Everyone did such a great job!!!

Here are the products I used from The Body Shop's Hot Brights Collection:

Ben's first youtube video!

Oh boy was he nervous ! I thought he did a great job though! Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. I recommend you watch the entire video. There are many cute and funny cuts here and there.

Ben did this video all on his own, I just did the editing.

Enjoy :)

Click on photo for more information:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I love to do...

Wow, I haven't blogged in Forever!! Sorry to keep you guys hangin. As some of you know, I am now a freelance make-up artist! I've got a few make-up gigs this summer and I'm looking for even more! So if you're in the Seattle/Everett area, and you've got a special event coming up don't be shy to holler my way :)

Here are a few photos of my work. Enjoy!

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