Friday, May 29, 2009

Contest Time... Again!!

Has it really been a year since my last contest? haha, okay maybe not a year but close to it! I want to thank all my viewers by having a contest. Thanks "gottaluvrokin" for the contest idea! I'll be sending out your palette next week. Okay, so here's the 411:

Contest Rules:

1. This is a gift to my subscribers :)
2. Re-create a look from a Magazine Cover
3. Show us the magazine cover in the video
4. Incorporate hair and makeup
5. If you are underage, ask your parents permission to enter!
6. Open to international viewers as well!
7. You can do the look on yourself or others.
8. Video or picture tutorial
9. Post as a video response to this video
10. One entry per person
11. Deadline is 06/11/09 11:59PM pacific time

Special Thanks to the following sponsors:

The Brush Guard
Bee Luscious Cosmetics
Still Glamorous Cosmetics
The Body Shop

I have even more prizes that are not shown. Yayerz!


  1. Ahhh lovely prizes!!!
    I have to JOIN!

  2. does it have to be a magazine cover because I don't think I can go out to get a magazine any time soon so can I just print one off the internet?

  3. You can find a magazine cover from the internet! it has to be a cover though

  4. so we basically need to make a tutorial of a magazine cover?

  5. i love the prizes! can i enter through my blog instead of a video?!

  6. Maria,

    yeah, thats basically it!


    pls post the tutorial as a vid response to my video. You can do picture tutorial!

  7. is the contest open to people in Australia.

  8. WOWZER! Wonderful prizes - good luck everyone

  9. I have a post about you in my blog because i really love what do you do

    Excuse my bed english*


  10. You are giving away your cosmetics from Germany? What a pity...

  11. I just uploaded a video to your contest!I couldn't put up the picture of the magazine in the video, but I did describe it in the video and I put the link to the picture on the sidebar. Is that ok? I am operating on a windows 7 beta and the movie maker is just a beta version too so I don't have all those editing options yet.

    If you could just email me real quick to let me know if that is ok, I would appreciate it.

  12. how many winners will you choosing? im def going to do this! :)

  13. WOW,i still have time to finish this up !!! will def be joining judy x

  14. In america dates are different to UK so is that 9th Novermeber or 11 June that it ends??

  15. Very nice pics. Thanks for sharing. I would like to ask the reason that why she is out of the contest.

  16. hi plz can you help me to get this look sorry for my english i'am a moroccan here is the picture think you soo much i really need it

    think you soo much


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