Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bohemian Hair-do

I have definitely noticed this hippie/bohemian hair trend amongst Hollywood Stars. You can get these headbands almost anywhere! Walmart, target, drug stores. I actually got mine from Old Navy 2 years ago! I wanted to give this look a lil kick with some funky fun waves. Normally, i'd sleep with my hair in braids to get the waves, but I figured out another QUICK and EASY way to achieve the same waves without all the time. So here you go, and Enjoy :D

What I used...

Head band
rubber band hair ties
styling spray
flat iron

I get questions about what flat iron I use so here it is. it's amazing!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amature Photoshoot with Celisse

The BFF Celisse came over tonight for dinner. She was so sweet to bring me one of my favorite foods, carne asada burrito!! YUMMMM! After dinner we were just sitting around talking, and one thing came to my mind... MAKE-UP!!! Lucky for me, she was down for it! She said she wanted a Kim Kardashian look. We surfed the net and found a hot and sexy look that I thought would look great on her! Ohhhh how I wish I had a professional camera!!!

She was saying "titties" lol!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rihanna inspired Classy updo

Everytime I see Chris Brown's face, I just wanna slap him!!! UGH! He's definitely suffering the consequences. What's worse, he's at the peak of his career!! Anyway, poor Rihanna. WE LOVE YOU GIRL!!!

If any of you ladies are with abusive boyfriends (like Chris Brown), seriously, WAKE UP! He'll NEVER stop beating you, no matter how hard you try and talk with him. For the sake of your future (and your kids if you have any) get help and get out!!!!!

With that said, please enjoy this Rihanna inspired look :)

What You'll need:

What You'll need:

Bobby pins
rat tail comb
hair brush
Working Spray (bumble and bumble does it all spray)

I followed NC40's makeup tutorial for the Kim Kardashian Smoky Eyes, Thanks Suzy!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Makeup The Hell's Contest

I haven't laughed this hard from a youtube video for awhile now! Justine aka Makeup The Hell aka
jpmetz is throwing a makeup contest! The catch is, you'll have to impersonate her. She is one of my favorite youtube personalities out there. Completely hilarious! Join her contest and subscribe :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kim Kardashian Inspired Look

Thank you to youtube viewer onefabianne for the request! I'm absolutely in love with Kim's makeup from her Complex Magazine photoshoot. The first thing I noticed were her eyes. The white liner on her waterline really makes her eyes pop, and of course her long lashes are mesmerizing! Here's my interpretation.

What I used...

BENEFIT "f.y...eye" primer
MAC "cement" shadestick as a base
MAC "woodwinked" E/S
MAC "antique" E/S
MAC "rice paper" E/S
MAC "handwritten" E/S
MAC "cobalt" E/S professional color
MAC "crystal avalanche" E/S
LOREAL intense lineur in carbon black
REVLON "black" colorstay eyeliner
REVLON "frilly white" colorstay eyeliner
MAX FACTOR "lash lift" waterproof mascara
ARDELLE 112 false lashes

FEMME COUTURE brow wax from Sally's beauty supply
MAC "mystery" E/S

BEAUTIQUE "bronze" lip liner
MAC "creme de nude" lipstick
LIP FUSION "sweet" lip plumper

MAC mineralize satin finish foundation in NC40
MAC "accentuate sculpt" sculpt and shape powder
MAC "feeling" blush

I couldn't let this makeup go to waste!!! We partied at down at Belltown in Seattle. Shout out to viewer America. We bumped into each other at the club. Her and her friend happened to be Aquarius just like my friend Celisse and I, AQUARIUS pride! lol

My Handsome and I ;)

America, her friend, Me, and Celisse. I think the photographer was drunk. lol

the BFF!
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