Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bohemian Hair-do

I have definitely noticed this hippie/bohemian hair trend amongst Hollywood Stars. You can get these headbands almost anywhere! Walmart, target, drug stores. I actually got mine from Old Navy 2 years ago! I wanted to give this look a lil kick with some funky fun waves. Normally, i'd sleep with my hair in braids to get the waves, but I figured out another QUICK and EASY way to achieve the same waves without all the time. So here you go, and Enjoy :D

What I used...

Head band
rubber band hair ties
styling spray
flat iron

I get questions about what flat iron I use so here it is. it's amazing!


  1. i think the boho hair look is a little out, its kinda 2008.... but i guess it still works.
    no offense, i really enjoyed the wavy part of the tutorial(:

  2. looks really cute! great job judy ;]

  3. soo cute! wheres that shirt from??

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I have to say, I dont like it on anyone but you and nicole!!

  6. hi judy! Can you do a tutorial on the makeup that you take in the tutorial "Hair Tutorial: Vanessa Hudgens Inspired Messy Updo"? The make-up in this is very cute!!

  7. great technique on how u waved yo hair and to flatt'n yo lump i always had a problem with my hair with it has lumps so i just clipp it on hahah

  8. wow you look so pretty JUDY!! you always have the hair tutorials right down to the pointe! you go girl :)


  9. Hi :) !

    I am French and I think that your blog is beautiful !
    Your hairstyles are very nice , and you understood everything in fashion.

    Goodbye , Xoxo

  10. i adore this look! i think it really suits you.

    can't wait to try this out :)

  11. i did this tutorial and wore it in my latest vid JPMETZ Contest Entry

  12. congrats on your blog!
    you seriously have the most beautiful hair i've ever seen. another great tutorial, i'll definately try out this look one of these days!
    keep up the good work! :)

  13. You're very sweet and beautiful.

    Good job, contragulations : ) <3

  14. I like very much this Bohemian Hair style. This hair style can be properly done by hair straightener.


  15. hey girl i like the so called boho hair i thinks a vintage looking style but still has that modern touch to it.... keep it up

  16. Beautiful haircuts thanks for sharing, I love the golden headband can I have a full tuto haha
    Thanks for sharing.


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