Monday, September 28, 2009

Bio Ionic One Pass "The Fastest Straightening Iron Ever"!

"The fastest straightening iron ever!" I read that quote the first time i heard about the One Pass. With a quote like that, it better stand up to its name! So I tried it out for myself and sure enough it did!! I wish I knew about this flat iron when I was younger. My hair was major frizzy and out of control! I ended up putting my hair in a bun cause I didn't even wanna deal with it. Today, my hair is much easier to manage, Thank Goodness!!!! However, whenever i want that sleek straight hair look, I turn to my One Pass.

If you follow my videos on youtube, you know that I am in Love with my Babyliss Nano Titanium flat iron! The babyliss is great because its versatile. I can straighten my hair and even curl with that flat iron. The only downside to that flat iron was that the surface of the iron gets really hot! The one pass just gets warm, but doesn't burn my fingers.

Here are a few before and after video stills:

Of course I gotta hook you guys up with a promotional deal! Get the Bio Ionic One Pass, and get a Bio Ionic Blow dryer for free!! Its a $99.95 value. Coupon Code: BIOJUDY

Product Pros:
-Heats up in 5 seconds (crazy ain't it ?!)
-Releases negative ions
-Nano-Ceramic plates
-One pass and your hair is straight!
-Heat dial that goes up to 400 degrees Celsius
-Surface doesn't get hot
-4 year limited warranty included

-Straightens only, doesn't curl


  1. WOW!!! My hair is also really thick and it actually takes me about 30 minuutes to straighten! I HAVE to have this straightner! Btw i loved your tee! Where'd you get it? You and ur bff are hilarious!!! :)

  2. this shiet is CRAZY!!! i want it so badly!!

  3. i wished i could get this flat iron, but i already invested on my ghd..ugh..i wish i could do

  4. JeanieOBeanie, I've never tried the GHD but I heard thats a good one too!!

  5. SoreIaN, thanks :) I got it from Ross awhile back. I love that store!!

  6. my hair used to take me THREE HOURS to straighten a few years ago. if i knew about this, getting ready would've taken a fourth of the time. i'm getting this!

  7. To get a chance to win our NEWEST and lightest dryer, the PowerLight Dryer Join Bio Ionic's Facebook Fan Page:

  8. you've been tagged as one of my fav bloggers! =)
    check out my blog for details of the tag game!

    btw absolutely looooove your vids...especially the tutorials of different hair styles =)

  9. Hey Judy, how long is the promotion going to last? SUCH a great deal.

  10. you have like SOOOO many straighteners!

  11. i want that straightening iron so bad lol i have 2 straightening irons but i want the fastest way to straighten my hair.. my 2nd straightening iron cost $200 how i wish i heard about this before i bought it but i heard about this 2weeks later huhu!.. i hope this is much cheaper hehe!.. but even if it's expensive or cost less than $200 it's worth it=)


  12. I have also had fantastic results with Bio Ionic OnePass - I bought it a year ago - but am finding it hard to find replacement silicone speed strips. Any suggestions? I am in South Africa

  13. Great post! The Bio Ionic One Pass flat iron is currently out of stock everywhere but we have a huge stock still available if your readers are having a hard time finding it.

  14. for me it takes 3-4 hours to straighten (including blow drying)nd then that will last me a few days.with the one pass how long does it last without haing to do it over?

  15. Try Karmin Products Line! Karmin G3 Salon Pro.
    This is one of our best sellers and offers heat up to 460F so its good for all hair types and also for very thick hair, it uses a Pure Tourmaline Ceramic plate, these plates are very high end.


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