Monday, March 23, 2009

Twitter Exclusive Live Video and Dating Experiment Update!

If you aren't following me on twitter, then you probably never knew that I was on live last night answering some of your questions! Be sure to follow me! I'll only announce on Twitter when I will be appearing live. This way, i have limited amount of ppl to chat with, which means more one on one ;) Click here for my twitter! Anyway, here's the video of the live chat!

Video clips at Ustream


  1. aww haha glad things (kinda) worked out for P! it was such a cute idea and he seems like a great guy.

    i'll definately try to catch the next live chat judy :)

  2. Hi Judy!!!! I absolutely love you and your makeup and hair tutorials. I am a sophomore in high school and am on a budget so i can never really afford like MAC and stuff but i always use drug store brands and i only purchase a few tryed and true expenses:). I was wondering what heat protective sparay you recommended, what drug store bronzer you recommend and also i was hoping you could give me a shoutout on a youtube video. I have an upcoming school dance and i want a half up half down, not too poofy, really easy yet super pretty hair tutorial:). I LOVE YOU!!!!! keep them videos comin'.
    Cammi AKA the doodlebug

  3. I LOVE your blog and your videos on youtube! Im swedish so im not that good at english, haha.
    But i love all of your hairstyles and i also tried to do them all!
    Love the Vanessa Hudgens-inspired one.
    Keep up the good work!



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